Using Fake Reviews On Amazon

Using Amazon Fake Reviews: Instant gratification, short lived success

Amazon fake reviews have been a recurring issue on the platform for years now.

And even though the online retail giant has made numerous steps to quell this practice, it still remains an issue up to now.

So why would an Amazon seller engage in such a thing?

Well, it stems from the fact that “reviews” plays a huge role in Amazon SEO. The more positive reviews you get, the higher the chance of a listing to appear on the first page of the search results. And the more visible the listing is, the bigger the chances of a sale.

Amazon is the biggest retail platform in the world, with millions of people buying things from BBQ sticks to printers each day. And because of this, sellers are desperately trying to take advantage of every available option to them to get a sale.

So, is it worth it? That’s an absolute NO!

About Using Amazon Fake Reviews

Using Fake Reviews On Amazon

The main thing that you need to understand is that Amazon fake reviews are prohibited!
Here’s what Amazon has to say about this, and I quote:

“Reviews are important to the Amazon Marketplace, providing a forum for feedback about product and service details and reviewers’ experiences with products and services – positive or negative. To ensure that reviews remain helpful, sellers must comply with our Community Guidelines. For example, you may not offer compensation for a review, and you may not review your own products or your competitors’ products.”

But even with that rule set in stone, why do some sellers still choose to employ this marketing tactic?

Is it because believe they can get away with it? Could it be that they have found an untraceable fake review service? Or is it because that they believe that the said rule is nothing more than mere lip service?

Well, if you know where to look, there are indeed groups/sites that provide fake review services.
And if you think that you can get away with it…well you might actually do for some time, but

Amazon will eventually catch up with you.

And once they do, you can say goodbye to your dream of creating a retail empire on the platform.

Using Amazon Fake Reviews: The grand prize

Using Fake Reviews On Amazon

I don’t know about you, but is using fake review services worth it, knowing that this is what awaits you if caught?

“Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in cancellation of listings, suspension from use of Amazon tools and reports, and the removal of selling privileges. In addition, we do not pay sellers until we are confident that customers have received the products they ordered, and if we determine that a seller account has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited.”

That’s straight from Amazon itself. And if it was up to me, I would even go further and ban the IP of the said sellers.

Now unless you find some twisted satisfaction in endangering everything that you could possibly gain by using Amazon then, by all means, engage in this fraudulent undertaking.

But if you’re the type of seller that takes things seriously, one who wants to create a good amount of money through Amazon, and maybe become the next Amazon success story, then please, do play by the rules.

So I guess your next question is, “how do I increase my reviews by the book?”

Get “REAL” Reviews: SellerLift Amazon Review Management Tool

Using Fake Reviews On Amazon

As a company, our main product is our Amazon Feedback Management Tool.

For seasoned sellers, you may already know how it works. But for newer ones, a feedback management tool is a program that allows you to easily communicate with your customers and ask them for a review.

We have hundreds of Amazon sellers currently using the platform reporting stellar results, and you could also become one, and for FREE, by taking advantage of our Free 15 Day Trial!

Q: Wait?! Didn’t you just say that asking for a review is prohibited?

Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

Amazon guidelines state that, and I quote:

“You may request feedback from a buyer, however you may not pay or offer any incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.”

And this is the core of what SellerLift does. It’s a tool that allows you to easily start a conversation with your customers. Conversations that if handled correctly, can transform into a relationship. And within that process, provide you the opportunity to “request” for a review or feedback.

Q: But how do I get my customers to give me a positive review, if I can’t force them to do so?

Great question, here’s the answer.

Well first, of course your product needs to be good. If you’re trying to scam people through false advertising, no Amazon Feedback management Tool can help you get a positive review.

As per SellerLift, it comes with email templates that were designed to coerce customers to give you a review.

Again, let me state that SellerLift can only help you get a review. As per the nature of the review, be it negative or positive, that all depends on the value your customer gets out of your listing.

Q: Can SellerLift help increase my reviews even if I just use the FREE version?

Again, it all depends on your product, but YES, it definitely can!

You see, the problem with other sellers is that they rely on satisfied customers to leave them a review. Though there is some truth to this, many don’t bother leaving one, regardless if they are completely happy with what they bought.

What SellerLift does is “remind” them of the value they got off your product. And then, ask them to share what they think of your product.

People love sharing positive experiences right? And this is what SellerLift does. It acts as a trigger for them to share those experiences.

So to answer your question again, YES, absolutely!

But don’t take my word for it, register for a FREE 15 Day Trial NOW and be the judge of things.

To End

The road to success is not an easy one.

It will test your patience. It will keep you awake at night. And it will break you if you’re not completely committed to reaching your goal.

But if you are indeed serious about becoming the next Amazon success story, then do away with using Amazon fake reviews.

Work hard, commit, and most importantly, play by the book.

Do this, and you will eventually reach the pinnacle of Amazon retail success.

As always, if you have anything to add to this article, please do so and leave a comment below.

Have a great day, and I will talk to you next time.