Sellers…. Are You Ready For Amazon Prime Day 2017?!

Though I have to admit that saying Amazon will hold another “Prime Day” this year can be considered within the realm of speculation… but why won’t they?

For the past couple of years since it’s inception, Amazon Prime Day has been a huge success in terms of sales for the company. And it’s just illogical for a retail giant to not continue with something that consumers will definitely flock to and take advantage of.

So regardless if the company has confirmed anything about it yet;

Sellers be ready as Amazon will most likely be holding another “Prime Day” this July.

And with that said, let me throw in some advice on how you should prepare in order to make the most out of this shopping spree.

Start Building Traffic Towards Your Amazon Store

You need to funnel people to your Amazon store weeks before Prime Day happens. You don’t just expect people to swoop in without them knowing you exist now do you?

Now there are many way you can do this. Some are free, while some requires you to shell out a few bucks. Regardless, the idea is to prep people and build some sort of anticipation of the deals they will get from you once Prime Day arrives.

Use social media platforms to pique buyer interest

This is a no brainer as everyone these days knows how much power social media has in terms of information dissemination. But then again, there are those that just “use” the platform and those that “leverage” it.

If you think posting is just enough, then you are mistaken. A social media post that was not well thought of is nothing more than just a post, and could easily get lost in people’s news feed.

So if you want to truly leverage each of your social media posts, you need to;

  • Use brightly colored images
  • Come up with a series of posts to heighten anticipation and curiosity

Choosing the right color

Choosing the right color, one that differentiates itself from the rest of the images one sees on their feed ensures that your ad gets noticed. Though some might argue that more modern marketing methods favors the use of minimalist, or even monochrome designs, chances are that the brands using them are the more established ones. Sadly, you aren’t…or else you won’t be reading this article right?

Here’s a guide as to how consumers react to different colors.

Red – Used to convey a sense of urgency. It’s good for posts that pertains to discounts
Blue – Used to convey trust. Men usually gravitate to this color.
Green – Used to convey a relaxed state and is associated with health products.
Purple – Used to convey class and prestige and is usually associated with anti-aging or beauty products
Yellow and Orange – Used to convey optimism and is usually effective in attracting impulsive shoppers.

Regardless of what color you choose, make sure that it goes hand in hand with your product and your branding campaign.

Carefully Plan Your Pre Amazon Prime Day Marketing Campaign

SellerLift | Amazon Prime Day 2017

A single marketing post is not enough. You need to come up with series of post, not only to get the attention of your contacts, but also to keep them glued and excited.

You can start off by posting an image of a,product with a huge header saying, “How much would you pay for this?”

Of course, for your contacts that want to get hold of that product, they will instantly check online to see its price. So at the bottom of your image, you can insert something like “Would you want to buy it at a cheaper price?” And then close it with, “Head on to (name of Amazon store) on (date of Prime Day) and get awesome deals for this item”

The idea is to create a sense of anticipation. In the process, you are also pushing the visibility of your Amazon store. I won’t go deeper into how you should format your images, as I will need to charge you for it.

Seriously though, play around with your images, and post at least 2 per week leading towards Prime Day.

Make Use Of Promo Codes

As for promo codes, what I do is to include them on the last 2 images I post on social media before Prime Day.

Now if you do your image campaign correctly, you will notice that there will be a handful of people that have been reacting to your posts. This indicates that they are either your closest friends and are supporting your business, or contacts that are most likely to purchase something from you come Prime Day.

And by sending out discount codes with your last couple of images, you are increasing your chances of the latter to indeed buy something off you during Amazon Prime Day

Update Your Product Descriptions For Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day means you are in competition with thousands of other sellers. Though stores that don’t update their product descriptions may still see a spike in traffic, converting said traffic is a totally different story.

Personally, I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with human psychology and how we are attracted to new things (just a theory of mine).

But inserting something like “This product is discounted only for Prime Day” can make a huge difference as you are informing buyers that they will only get to avail of the said price drop for a limited time period.

Check That You Are Well Stocked

SellerLift | Amazon Prime Day 2017

There is nothing more frustrating than to have one of your products sold out on the first few hours of Prime Day. I mean, if you sold out on the first few hours, it means that you are doing something right and people are loving your product. So running out of stocks can definitely cost you in revenue potential.

So when it comes to Prime Day, stock up on your products.

Better to be safe than sorry right?

Get Extra Help

If you’re managing your store by yourself, then it’s a good idea to get maybe one or two more people to help you out.

Remember that sales do spike during this day, and your usual 10 sales per day can balloon into 50 or even hundreds before the day ends. And when that happens, logistics can become a huge factor.

Keep in mind that late deliveries can damage your reputation with Amazon, and could cost you a future Buy Box spot.

Now if you don’t have anyone to help you out, then the best solution would be to go FBA and let Amazon take care of fulfilling your orders.

To end, Amazon’s 2016 Prime Day saw an 18% higher order volume than Black Friday. So if that is not an indication of how much sales potential this day has for you, then I don’t know what is.

As of writing this, Amazon is yet to confirm if they will indeed have another Prime Day, or when it will be. But like what I said, and I do believe you also agree with me, why wouldn’t they?

So get started with your marketing plan and be ready!

And if you have anything further to add to the list above, please share them in the comments section below.

As always, have a great day, and see you next time!