Amazon Product Description Writing Tips For the Regular Guy

Ask any successful seller on Amazon for a success tip, and they would probably say, “create a convincing, but optimized Amazon product description”.

I have said this numerous times, and I will say it again.

Amazon is a search engine!

So just like you would spend hours researching for the best keywords to use on a blog post, so should you for your Amazon listing.

But unlike blog posts where you can casually insert keywords between lines of your personal thoughts or view on things, creating optimized content for Amazon is different.

Why? Because you’re trying to sell something.

So basically, one can argue that creating optimized content for an Amazon listing for it to rank better is more difficult than doing one for Google.

And yes, that I completely agree with!

Now the problem is, since not everyone is a gifted writer, yours truly included at times, how can the ordinary Amazon seller ensure that his/her content gets the “ok” from Amazon’s algorithm, while at the same time make the content engaging enough to entice buyers to click the “Add To Cart” button.

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips #1

Become the buyer

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips

You’re not trying to write a novel. You’re trying to get someone to purchase something off you.

You need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

  • What question would he/she probably ask about your product?
  • What concerns would he/she have?
  • What could make him/her hesitate buying something off you?

You get the point right?

By thinking like a buyer, you now have the ability to come up with a rebuttal to whatever hesitation, fear, concern, that a buyer may have.

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips #2

Keep things simple…..optimized but simple

You’re not trying to write a novel. You’re trying to sell….uhm, maybe…..socks.

In my time doing optimized content for Amazon sellers, I from time to time have stumbled upon Amazon product descriptions that reads like a novel.

Great flow, tone, vocabulary use, and optimized at that.

But when I compare it with a competitor, one that has the contextual equivalent of a road sign, the road sign listing has better sales.

Now why is that so?

Well because people are on Amazon to buy, and not have their intellect stimulated.

The simpler and direct to the point your listing is, the better.

Going back to my first tip, you need to write content for your Amazon product description through the eyes of the buyer.

  • What color is the sock you’re selling? Black.
  • Does it come in other colors? White and Grey.
  • Is it made of wool or cotton? Cotton.


Keep your feet comfortable all day with our Black, 100% cotton socks. And if Black isn’t to your liking, we have it in White and Grey as well.

As you can see, it’s not going to win you any writing awards, but at least you instantly addressed a question a customer may have.

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips #3

Write with these policies in mind

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips

No these policies are not just made up by me.

These are from Amazon itself, and I quote:

1. Comply with the style guide that applies to the product you’re listing. The general styles that apply to all categories can be found at Amazon Services Quick Start Style Guide. Some categories have additional guidelines; the full set of category-specific style guidelines can be found at Templates for Specific Categories.

2. Do not include HTML, JavaScript, or other types of executables other than break (</br>) in your detail pages. You can use break to provide the necessary line breaks when providing the description.

3. The inclusion of any of the following information in detail page titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images is prohibited:

  • Pornographic, obscene or offensive content.
  • Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, e-mail addresses, or website URLs.
  • Availability, price, condition, alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing orders), or alternative shipping offers (such as free shipping).
  • Spoilers regarding Books, Music, and Video or DVD (BMVD) listings (information that reveals plot elements crucial to the suspense, mystery or surprise ending of a story).
  • Reviews, quotes or testimonials.
  • Solicitations for positive customer reviews.
  • Advertisements, promotional material, or watermarks on images, photos or videos.
  • Time-sensitive information such as dates of promotional tours, seminars, lectures, and so on.

4. Product title length must not exceed a maximum of 200 characters (including spaces) in all categories. Some of the categories may have a different maximum title length than 200 characters. To know the accurate maximum title length for your respective category, please refer to your category specific style guide.

5. Comply with Amazon listing standards for any product sold on Amazon. Failure to do so creates a negative customer experience and may result in your selling privileges being temporarily or permanently removed.

Amazon Product Description Writing Tips #4

Benefits are more important than features

Most people want to buy things because they believe that it will either solve a problem, or makes their lives better.

Do you think a hiker chooses a shoe based on how the shoe absorbs moisture away from his feet, or because a specific model will keep his feet dry?

You can argue that both examples are the same.

Yes, that’s true.

The first one is written to showcase “feature”, while the latter showcases “benefit”.

So, which do you think is more appealing? It depends right?

But which do you think answers the “needs”, of the hiker?

As you can see, these minuscule tweaks on how you write your Amazon product descriptions can have a huge impact on how a buyer perceives your listing.

Perception that can turn into a sale.

Now before I end, let me ask you this.

Let’s say you are a gifted writer.

But do you have the knowledge on how to effectively optimize your listing?

Do you have the tools, and/or is familiar with keyword research?

Do you know how to format your listing for it to be Amazon SEO friendly?

And most importantly, do you have the time, and the patience to do all the work to make sure your listing ranks better than your competition?

Leave the dirty work to us.

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Anyway, I do hope that this Amazon product description tips has helped you in some way.

All the things I wrote on here are just based off my personal knowledge and experience. And I’m sure there are more great tips out there.

So if you have an Amazon product description tip that you would like to share, do post it on the comment section below. Give the regular seller on Amazon some great writing tips will ya?

As always, have a great day, and see you next time.