Amazon product finder tools

The Perks Of Understanding And Effective Use Of Amazon Product Finder Tools

Amazon product finder tools! Every seller on Amazon needs to understand how to effectively use it!

Me saying that is not about insisting how I select what products to sell on Amazon. Rather, it is me imparting to you what I consider the best advice I got when I was newbie seller.

You see, when I started out, I thought that selling on Amazon was nothing more than finding a cheap product and make profit out of it.

And though that may be how the concept of retail works, I quickly learned that maximizing my profits was not part of my sales equation.

And this is where my mentor, one of the founders of SellerLift, stepped in and made me understand the importance of Amazon FBA product finder tools, and that there’s more to just “spray and pray” if I really wanted to make serious money on Amazon.

The Importance Of An Amazon Product Research Tool

This has something to do with the law of supply and demand.

The more you provide products that are currently in demand, the higher your profits become.

Now you can do this manually by going on Amazon and narrowing down what products are currently “hot”.

But the thing is, this takes quite a bit of time to do. And when you do get to pinpoint said products, there’s a chance that the buying frenzy may die down by the time you get your listings up.

Outcome, you’re stuck with a slow moving product.

That was me when I started out. I made a few bucks each week, and I felt good. Proud of myself even.

But when you realize that others are raking in 10 to 20 times more revenue than you each week, being proud of earning a few bucks suddenly is not that appealing.

All of this changed when I was introduced to the idea of using an Amazon product finder app.

Suddenly, I was able to quickly pinpoint what products were in demand. And by doing so, my weekly sales started to improve.

  • I no longer needed to wait a few weeks before I needed to re-stock.
  • I now have the ability to buy just enough stocks, sell them quickly, and move on to the product that is in demand.
  • I started to act like a professional seller.

Takeaways Of Effective Product Research Using Amazon Product Finder Tools

Amazon product finder tools

Accurate Product Selection And Pricing

Using an Amazon research tool helps you establish the best product to sell within a specific niche.

It allows you to understand buyer sentiments. You no longer need to second guess what products buyers will be buying for a specific season.

Leveraging the power on an Amazon seller research tool tell you what specific product consumers are currently buying.

And with that knowledge, you can then adjust your price accordingly to ensure that you attract more buyers than the competition.

Spying On Your Competition

Using Amazon FBA research tools allows you to eavesdrop on what your competition is up to, and how well he/she is doing.

Again, this helps you establish a competitive price range that can attract more buyers. And the fun part of having a niche product finder tool is that you can instantly adjust your prices based on real time changes your competition makes.

Helps You React Faster

Amazon product search software tells you want products are in demand, or about to become in demand.

Amazon product research tools pulls in data from the platform in real time, giving you an accurate view on what products are currently hot, which greatly helps in you arriving at an informed decision on what to do next.

How To Do Product Research On Amazon Like A Boss

Though this entire article revolves around the use of Amazon product finder tools, I understand that some of you, and especially those that are new or are a bit hesitant to shell out cash for an Amazon sales analytics tool, then you can start off the way I did and use the Amazon Best Sellers Page.

  • To start your “manual” Amazon research, you need to browse through specific categories, and subcategories that you want to sell in.
  • Then you check which products are selling the most under said category. This will help you confirm if the niche you’re interested, and whatever product you have available to sell under it, is profitable for you. You can also expand you research on this section by checking related products and see what other products you can probably sell.
  • Next, you should try to see if the niche is saturated or not. A saturated niche is one that has lots of buyers selling the same product. If sellers are limited, then you may have found yourself a good niche to sell in. But if it is, then go back and research another category.
  • You should try to pick products which are not priced too low or too high. Limited competition in the niche is also helpful and gives you more opportunities to sell your product.

I know, it looks like a lot of work…..and it is!

So where’s the “like a boss” part in all of at?

Of course it’s for the part where you skip all that manual research and just automate everything!

Why spend hours or days when you can just download an Amazon product finder app and let it do the hard work for you, right?

Here are my top suggestions.

Amazon Product Finder Apps

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is one of the most recognized when it comes to Amazon sellers.

And truth be told, they are actually our direct competition when it comes to Amazon Feedback
Management Tool. And though I believe that our product is much better than theirs, that’s for a completely different article.

Anyway, the Jungle Scout Amazon product finder app allows you to search the entire Amazon database with just a push of a button.

Within second, you can check a product’s rank, rating, price, weight….basically everything about it.

It also has a niche hunter feature that can aid you in pinpointing potential new revenue streams.
Add to that, you can use the app on any Amazon marketplace.

Unicorn Smasher

This one is less flexible compared to Jungle Scout, but it has a few nifty features too.

For example, my favourite is its ability to track your competition’s listings, inventory, pricing, etc.
Like I said, a nifty app if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

Also, you can install the app on your computer if you want to do a bit more in-depth research.

And the best part of it is that, it’s a free research tool!

To End

Amazon is a great platform where profits are only limited by how well a seller can supply what buyers need.

Personally, it sometimes feel like more of a battle ground than just a retail platform.

And you know what, maybe it is?

With all he information needed to outsmart and outsell the competition, it can indeed be compared to warfare.

And in warfare, those that have the best information, coming from the best technology wins.

So, are you winner, or are you content with being a just a statistic?

Anyway, I hope this article about the importance of Amazon product finder apps has helped you in some ways.

Hope you’re having a great day. I’ll talk to you next time.