Amazon Seller Software for Amazon Sales Rank

As more and more sellers are now becoming a part of the Amazon Universe, it is becoming a highly competitive marketplace. But along with the increase in competition, there is also an increase in the number of shoppers now using Amazon to purchase products, which means that the pie is large enough for you to take a bite of. If you use the right tools and measure your performance regularly, and have an analytical approach, you might be able to use Amazon to skyrocket your sales, thereby increasing your profitability.

Amazon Sales Rank is one of the most important metrics to measure the performance of your products on Amazon. It gives a direct indication as to how your product is performing against its competitors on Amazon. The Sales Rank is also an essential factor that is considered by the Amazon A9 Algorithm while ranking your products organically on the search results page, apart from other indicators like your product listing, keyword usage, relevance, and reviews and ratings, etc.

In this article, we will be covering the various questions that can pop into your mind as a seller on Amazon.

What is Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) or Amazon Sales Rank?

The Amazon Sales Rank or Best Sellers Rank (BSR) measures the popularity of a product within a specific category. A higher rank indicates lower popularity and a lower rank indicates a higher popularity, and this is directly reliant on the sales of the product. It is noteworthy that the BSR is dependent on the number of individual sales for your product, for e.g; if a single person buys a 100 units of your product in a single transaction, then it will be counted as one sale, and if another person buys just one unit of your product it will still be calculated as one sale. The BSR also indicates when your product was sold last, and the lesser the time gap between the sales, the better your rank.

Your sales rank could fall in the range of 1 to 1 million+. It is speculated that Amazon updates the sales rank every 2 to 3 hours, but in some cases, it could even be a weekly or monthly affair, if your product ranks really high.

But don’t be bogged down if you discover that your product ranks high because it also depends on the type of product that you have on offer. If your product is a highly competitive one, then you may see that you have a higher sales rank since the number of competitors are more. But if your product falls in the niche category where the competition is low, and your sales rank is still high, then you need to look into it and fix it.

The BSR is a direct indicator of the health of your Amazon seller business, as it calculates your product sales and ranks your product amongst your competitors, giving you a fair idea of where you stand.

Best Amazon Seller Software – Calculate the Amazon Sales Rank

It is not exactly clear the different metrics considered by the Amazon A9 algorithm to calculate your Best Seller Rank. Still, it is a combination of multiple factors that make a difference. The sales rank is not only useful for old sellers on Amazon but is equally relevant for new sellers as well, as one can use it to do product research and for monitoring your competitors to rank better against them.

As per the speculation of the market leaders, we would like to share a few factors that do influence your sales rank –

  1. A higher sales figure means a better Sales Rank.
  2. The sales history of your product
  3. Your recent sales influence your BSR
  4. The Amazon Sales Rank depends on the category your product falls under
  5. Product seasonality is another influence.
  6. BSR depends on the total number of orders, instead of the total number of units ordered
  7. Product Listing Optimization (indirectly increases sales)
  8. Amazon PPC Ads or other marketing initiatives (directly increases sales)

How Can I Find The Sales Ranks For My Products?

It’s very simple, all you need to do is go onto the homepage of Amazon and type the name of your product in the search query. Once you see your product, click on it and open the product listing page. Now navigate down to the ‘Product Information’ section which is where there is a sub-section called ‘Best Seller Rank’ that shows your current rank for the various categories and sub-categories that your product falls under.

But just looking at this rank will not give you an elaborate insight into your performance, for a more detailed approach we would recommend that you use an FBA seller tool like Jungle Scout, Sellics, etc; to monitor your sales over a period of time. This helps you in noticing any jump or drop in your sales and by deep diving into the results, and you may be able to identify the gaps if any, and fix it to improve your ranking.

What is a Good Sales Rank on Amazon?

Having a low sales rank tells you that sales are higher. However, a higher sales rank means that your sales are not as high and should be improved upon. Having said that, a good sales rank on Amazon depends entirely on the category that your product is listed under, and the level of competition within that particular category. For highly competitive products, a sales rank can even go into thousands or even into millions if the competition is high. So you need to analyze the Amazon Sales Rank intelligently to understand the areas of improvement and capitalize on it.

How Can I Use The Amazon Best Seller Rank To My Advantage?

Now that we know the meaning of Amazon Sales Rank and how to locate it, let’s see how the best Amazon seller software can help in improving our listing on Amazon:-

1. Product Research

If you are a new seller on Amazon, or if you are an old seller looking to launch a new product, then by analyzing the sales rank of products will help you in understanding about their performance, and also in projecting the demand. You will notice that if the product researched by you is a highly competitive one, then the Amazon Sales Rank could be higher even for well-known brands. On the other hand, if you target a niche product, you would be pleasantly surprised to notice a lower Amazon Sales Rank. This would help you in shortlisting the right product for your catalogue, and in becoming one of Amazon’s best sellers.

2. Competitor Tracking

Tracking the performance of your competitor’s products goes a long way in defining your success on Amazon. If you know how your competitor ranks, you can gain insights into how to improve your listing. If your competitor ranks lower than you for similar products, then this means that you have to work a little more towards improving your sales. If you rank better than your competitors, then you need to ensure consistent sales to maintain your rank and become the best seller on Amazon for the specific product category or sub-category.

How Can I Improve My Amazon Sales Rank?

If you notice that your Amazon Best Seller Rank is lowering over time, this means that your sales are increasing or that the sales of your competitor’s are decreasing while yours are consistent. Either way, it is a win-win for you, so let’s discuss how we can improve upon our rank with or without Amazon seller software and show up on Amazon’s best sellers list:

1. Optimize your product listing

Your product listing page is the one that makes it or breaks it for you as a seller on Amazon. A relevant product title, helpful product features/bullet points, accurate product description, high-quality product photographs, using A+ content, and good quality of ratings and a high number of reviews, with keyword-rich content, are all an integral part of a healthy product listing. Optimizing your product listing on Amazon helps you in achieving a better organic rank on the search inquiry page, thereby improving your visibility and conversions over time, and also enhances your Amazon Sales Rank.

To learn more about the above, click here – Amazon Listing Optimization.

2. Use Amazon PPC Ads

You cannot expect a sapling to grow from a seed unless you water it. Similarly, you cannot expect to increase your sales without initially investing a little in advertising and showcasing your product to the interested shoppers. Amazon PPC Ads or Amazon Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads that are visible all across the Amazon platform like the search results page, product detail page, and even on third-party apps or websites. As the name suggests, an advertiser pays every time a shopper clicks on their ad. It works on a bidding system wherein multiple sellers bid on keywords most relevant to their products, and the seller with the highest bid wins, and his ad is shown to the audience. With improved visibility, there are better chances of getting conversions, which in turn would influence your Amazon Sales Rank.

To learn more about advertising on Amazon, click here – Amazon Sponsored Products.

3. Price your product competitively

Price is another important factor that encourages shoppers to buy your product and improve your Amazon Sales Rank. If your prices are competitive, then that improves your chances of getting better conversions and also helps you in winning the Buy Box, which is another important feature that influences your sales. But while calculating the price, do make sure to include all the expenses like the cost of the product, shipping and packaging charges, taxes, etc; to ensure that you do not incur losses.

4. Use Amazon FBA Seller Tools

Managing every aspect of your Amazon account can be very overwhelming at times. There are so many key areas to focus on that you may end up missing out on a few crucial points. And with the ever-growing seller base on Amazon, people are now actively looking out for automating their tasks. Using FBA seller tools not only automates your work but also provides you with essential insights and analytics to understand your Amazon seller business better. There are tools available for feedback tracking, inventory management, product research, keyword research, pricing, filing taxes, shipping, etc; that make your life a lot easier as an Amazon seller. Optimizing your work allows you to focus on more relevant areas and in achieving an improved Amazon Best Seller Rank.

To learn more about the various seller tools available, click here – Best Amazon Seller Tools for FBA in 2020.

5. Keep an eye out on your daily sales

If your product is selling and has consistent day-to-day sales, then you should be able to see an improved Amazon Sales Rank. Having consistent sales is essential for long term growth as a seller on Amazon, as it reflects that your account is in good health. If you notice any sudden spike in your sales figure, then do give it a close look and try to understand the underlying reason so that you can make it beneficial for your business.


It is quite clear that the single most effective way of bettering your sales rank on Amazon is by increasing your sales. While this seems quite simple in theory, a lot more goes into it in reality. But with this article, we have covered all the important aspects pertaining to the Best Sellers Rank on Amazon. If your product tops the particular category or ranks well, then that directly affects your organic ranking on Amazon, as well as in improving your profitability. The more efforts you put into your Amazon account, the better your sales rank will get over time.

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