Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon Sales Rank Explained….And A bit More!

Amazon sales rank is a metrics that FBA sellers constantly keep an eye on. In fact, some are obsessed with it and sees it as a badge of honor. A sort of bragging right that says, “ha! I’m making more money than you!”

Now if you are a new FBA seller, or is planning to become one, then this article has all the information you need as to why an Amazon sales rank chart, and your position on it, is important in helping you become a more successful and profitable seller on Amazon.

What Does Amazon Sales Rank Really Mean?

Amazon Sales Rank

An sales rank, also known as Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR), is a reflection of how well a product performs, in terms of sales, in comparison with other products within its category.

In short, it tells you how much, or how little sales your competitors have compared to yours.

Now for FBA sellers, knowing how to interpret Amazon sales rank is like having a crystal ball that tells you which product could potentially give you the highest ROI.

How you ask?

Let’s say you’re selling a self-help book. That book will then be ranked against other books within its category, and is given a number (#1 being the highest) which is updated every hour in reflection of book sales within the category.

What does this mean for FBA Sellers?

Well since FBA seller are always on the lookout for discounted products that they could sell at a profit, having a metric that shows what is currently hot helps them decide what products to purchase next.

And though factors like season and trends also affects the saleability of a product, there is no denying that looking at an Amazon sales rank list does help sellers arrive at an informed decision.

How To Find Amazon Sales Rank For A Product?

Amazon Sales Rank

There are two ways on how to check a sales rank for a product.

Amazon Product Page

Key in the name of the product you wish to inspect on the search bar located at the top of every Amazon page. Doing so will redirect you to the product’s page.

Once there, you will notice the word “Product Details”. This section provides you with technical information about the product.

Just below you’ll find “Amazon Bestsellers Rank” along with current sales rank for the category it is listed in.

Amazon Seller App

There are three ways that you can search for products using the Amazon Seller App.

You can hover your camera over a product, and it will use its recognition program to fetch you information for the product.

You can scan the product’s barcode.

Or, you can just manually search for the product.

How To Increase Amazon Sales Rank For A Product?

Straight answer, but using best Amazon SEO practices, providing great products, awesome after sales support (positive buying experience) competitive pricing.

Everything I said points to getting sales right?

True. Because in order for a product to be perceived as “a product of great value” in general by consumers, it needs to get sold to a lot of people first.

So to increase Amazon sales rank all you need to do is get lots of sales? Well not really.

Thing is, one of the key metrics of Amazon sales rank is when a product was sold, and how consistently it was sold during a specific timeframe.

For example, if I uploaded a listing back in 1994 when Amazon was launched, and if that listing was bought 100,000 from then till today, that listing won’t get the top rank for the category compared to a listing that sold 5000 units in the past couple of months.

In short, you need to have consistent sales each month in order to make the cut. And once you’re in, you need to increase the volume of your sales to reach the top spot.

How To Convert Amazon Rank To Sales

Personally, I find this the most complicated aspect of selling on Amazon. And to no surprise, there are a lot of articles online trying to answer the question above.

But unless you already are familiar with how the conversion works, or maybe just a Math nerd, then all those posted articles will just lead to more questions and confusion rather than answers.

So what do I do? Well, I let technology take over.

Remember the Amazon Seller App I mentioned a while ago? Download it!

Now once you have it on your phone, and I’m assuming here that you already found a target product, go add the cost of buying said product.

You then click on “Gross Proceeds”. After that, just prompt the app to recalculate everything.

The app will even show you the difference between Merchant and Amazon Fulfilled options.

Thank you technology!

FREE 15 Day Trial Amazon Feedback Tool

Top Amazon Sales Rank Tracker

Yes I know, I already asked you to download the Amazon Seller App, so giving you a few more is somewhat an overkill, right?

Well not really. Although apps can be bundled into one group when it comes to purpose, each app has a few quirks that make it unique. And this uniqueness can sometimes be the determining factor when it comes to choosing which app fits your needs and preferences.

And so, here are my top picks….


The thing I like about Keepa is that it’s more than just an Amazon sales rank tracker. It also shows Best Seller List, Historical Price data and a Sales Rank Calculator.

Plus, you can also access it on your computer.


Don’t be fooled with the quirky name. CamelCamelCamel is one of the most used Amazon sales trackers to date.

Aside from allowing users to check current and previous product sales ranking, the app can also be used to check product prices and get notifications about price drops and movements.

And the best part, it’s free.

Rank Tracer

Another free tool that allows Amazon sellers to check price and rank movements live.

Though a bit basic compared to the other two I just mentioned, it gets the job done.

For those who are looking with a no fuss, straight to the point Amazon sales rank tracker, this tool is something that you might be interested in.

To End

Selling on Amazon is a 24/7 commitment. Yes, Amazon success is no walk in the part.

But being on the platform, you become part of a global retail platform where the only limit to ROI is your dedication, understanding, and the tools that you leverage.

So, do you have the dedication to reach your goals?

Do you have the understanding to navigate the intricacies of retail success on Amazon?

Do you have the tools that can help you gain the upper hand over the competition?

Well, it’s all up to you my friend.

But if you need help, then I suggest you take our offer and sign-up for the FREE 15 Day Trial of our Amazon Feedback Management Tool.

It’s completely different from an Amazon Sales Rank tool, but the purpose is the same…and that is to help you become the next Amazon success story.

Anyway, have an awesome day, and I’ll talk to you next time.