Amazon Seller Hacks: Do you know they exist

Amazon Seller Hacks: Do you know they exist?

Amazon seller hacks are somewhat an open secret. Lots of sellers know they exist, but not many know what they specifically are, much more have the time to implement them.

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is but logical for sellers to try and find ways to increase the visibility of their listings, and hopefully get more sales. And what better way to get one up against the competition but to implement Amazon seller hacks.

In this article we will go through several seller hacks, divided into sections, that you can implement immediately.

Shall we begin?

Amazon Seller Hacks For Optimizing Product Listings

Amazon Seller Hacks: Do you know they exist

Optimize Your Product Titles

The product titles of your listing is a very important component of Amazon SEO. Technically, it will not only help you rank better in search, but can work to increase your click through rate.

You product title should include important details about your listing such as:

  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Color
  • Key components/ingredients
  • Product line
  • Description
  • Brand name (so long as it does not violate Amazon copyright rules and/or Gated Brand policies)

Now the key to a good product title entails the use of keywords. These keywords must be relevant to your product. And for Amazon SEO purposes, it should be placed at the start of your title.

NOTE: Be careful not to over stuff your title with keywords though. This is frowned upon by search algorithms and would make your title look as if it was made by a 5 year old. Also, you need to make sure that your title does not exceed 200 characters.

Make Your Product Descriptions and Bullet Points Engaging and Informative

You product description sections needs to be filled with useful information for buyers. Not only that, said information also needs to be engaging and appealing in the hopes of convincing buyers to click the Add To Cart button.

Amazon allows you to have 5 bullet points next to the image of your listing. Use them to highlight the top features of your products. Make it short but informative

As for the main description section, you need to include all the additional information you weren’t able to fit on your bullet points. Go into detail about your product’s features. What is its size, components/materials, benefits, etc.

It’s also wide to use the main description section to anticipate any questions buyers may have towards your listing. Answering these questions could be the extra push they need to click that Add To Cart button.

Lastly, don’t forget to:

  • Include relevant keywords into your bullet points and product descriptions section
  • Make your description engaging and appealing
  • Pepper the entire content, or end it with a CTA (call to action) phrases

Use Backend Keywords

Similar to Google’s SEO, using the right keywords in your search terms will enable Amazon to know which searches should retrieve your listings. These keywords are not visible to the public, so they don’t have to be entered in a “salesy” way; they just have to be strategically chosen.

This is something that many seller take for granted. Don’t be like them!

Backend Keywords are invisible to anyone using Amazon, including you. But for Amazon’s search algorithm, it is a very important component for Amazon SEO.

If you want to dig deeper into how they work, and how they can help boost search visibility for your listing, I suggest you go read our article about Amazon backend keywords.

Use Your Main Keywords In Your Canonical URL

For those of you who are not familiar with SEO terms, this is what a Canonical URl is, explained by one of the most trusted name in Search Engine Optimization, And I quote:

“A canonical tag (aka “rel canonical”) is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URLs. Practically speaking, the canonical tag tells search engines which version of a URL you want to appear in search results.”

To put it simply, you need to use your main keyword as part of your listing’s URL.

The URL structure of your listing should look like this: etc etc etc

Amazon Seller Hacks For Pricing

Amazon Seller Hacks: Do you know they exist

Use Amazon Marketing Services

There are three main advertising options available through you within Amazon:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
  • Amazon Headline Search Ads
  • Amazon Product Display Ads

We already created an article explaining the different types of Amazon Marketing Services. So if you want to know more about them and see which works best for you, I strongly advice you read our article Amazon Marketing Services: Breaking Down Its Different Components.

Opt for manual, but test with automatic targeting.

Create automatic targeting campaigns to test the market and find out what search terms people are using to find products like yours. Analyze the search terms result you get and add the ones with most potential to your manual targeting campaigns.

Use manual Targeting, But Test using Automatic

Manual and Automatic targeting are ad campaigns types that are part of Amazon’s Sponsored Products system.

Manual targeting on the other hand, as the name suggests, is for sellers who prefer to research and set keyword options for Amazon Sponsored ad campaigns themselves.

I know that this section can be a bit too much if it’s your first time for you to encounter this. So my suggestion is to either send us an email and ask about our Amazon Sponsored Products services, or just leave a comment below.

Amazon Seller Hacks For FBA

Amazon Seller Hacks: Do you know they exist

Use Stickers For FBA Items

Amazon facilities receive tons of products each day. So if you are an FBA user, it would be better to use an FBA sticker when sending products to Amazon.

Why you ask? Because if you dont, Amazon will mix your products with non-FBA ones from different sellers. This is turn could lead to Amazon fulfilling an order, using stickerless product of the same category, even if said item is not yours.

Recpack Returned Products Yourself

This may seem to be a contradiction if your an FBA seller, but for returned products, it’s better that you repack them yourself.

Yes, Amazon repacks returned items for FBA seller. But then again, it could be repacked and shipped using a different packaging. Though this may be not a big deal for many, problems can easily arise depending on how the recipient views the repacked item he/she received. Buyers may think that the item is not brand new, damaged or even a counterfeit based on a slight difference in packaging. And when that happens, it will affect greatly on your image as a reputable seller.


Use Feedback Management Tools

The status of your seller account depends on the amount of feedback you get, and if those feedback are positive or not.

Having great feedback is a badge of honor that tells other buyers that you are a trustworthy seller on Amazon. So getting feedback from each sale is paramount to maintain this image of trust.

This is what feedback management tools, like that one we will be launching soon, offers to Amazon sellers.

To know more about our upcoming feedback management tool, drop as an email and ask about it. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to get Beta access to it.

Winning The Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is the holy grail for any Amazon seller. Whoever wins it is assured of higher sales percentages compared to his/her peers.

In order for a seller to win the Buy Box, he/she needs to have:

  • Excellent seller performance
  • A well stocked inventory
  • Offers fast shipping options to customers
  • Positive seller feedback

Now I could go into detail for each one of them, but I would rather have you read our article about Amazon Buy Box Algorithm for you to get the entire picture.

To End…

These Amazon seller hacks are not meant to ensure overnight success. Rather, they are but a means to ease your way to said success. As with everything in life, getting to the top takes time.

And by taking time to do a complete audit of what you need to tweak, you will slowly reap all the benefits associated with it.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment below. We love hearing for you guys.

As always, have a great day, and see you next time.