Learn Amazon Seller Solutions Through Amazon Seller Success Stories

Anyone who wants, can be a successful seller on Amazon. All it requires is knowledge, devotion, time, patience, optimal use of resources and tools, and regular optimization to see success. You can’t expect results instantly, it requires a lot of nurturing to start experiencing growth on Amazon. If you do it right, there is nothing stopping you from winning this game.

To get started, you need to register as a Seller on Amazon, thereby unlocking a world of opportunities to grow your Amazon business. Amazon allows you to create a virtual store, list your products, mention titles, features and descriptions, manage inventory, track reviews, run PPC (Pay-per-Click) Ad campaigns, and much more. If you have a product that can create or address the existing demand, then Amazon is the place for you.

In the US, 55% of new product searches take place on Amazon. The shoppers on Amazon are closer to the end of the buying cycle than other search engines, giving your products access to a more nurtured audience. The Amazon A9 algorithm evolves over time according to changing trends and customer behavior, giving you an edge in your selling business.

Still undecided whether to start selling on Amazon or not? Let’s read a few Amazon seller success stories to see how Amazon can transform your business and, improve your sales and overall profit.

Our Top Amazon Seller Success Stories

1. Phillip Russini, Michigan

Philip started selling on Amazon in 2016, and he began his venture while he was still a student at the University of Michigan. He set out with a goal of having enough passive income that would enable him to travel and work on side projects. Philip’s aim is to have 10 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), each generating a profit of $1,000 per month, and with 7 SKUs already under his belt, he is way ahead in his plans. But not all the products were a success, even Phillip had to let go of 2 other products because they flopped, under-lining the associated risk that one must have the heart to undertake.

“If you put a lot of work into your seller business and have done the research, you most likely will be moderately successful, not to the point where you lose all your money, but you are getting your money back.”

To know more about Philip’s story, click on this link by Jungle Scout – Phlip’s Success Story.

2. Spencer Hawes, Richland, WA

“Amazon FBA is the real deal. Its a very real business, and I am seeing very real income from it.”

This man started his FBA business in 2015, and 3 years later, when his business was generating an average profit of $14,000 a month, he sold it for $425,000. Spencer started selling pillows on Amazon, initially realizing that it is one such product that is there in everyone’s home, and had expanded to 8 SKUs by the time he cashed-in. The trickiest part for him, in the beginning, was managing his inventory levels on Amazon and keeping his products in stock.

“By ordering small, you can make a much smaller investment and limit your downside. This allows you to test a market and see if your product will really sell.”

To know Spencer’s full story, check out this link from his blog ‘Niche Pursuits’ – Spencer’s Success Story.

3. Elena Castaneda, CEO, Bling Jewelry, New York

Elena started her business from a one-bedroom apartment, and now has over 40 people working with her to grow her sterling silver jewelry business. They are currently selling in North America, Europe, and Asia, and use the Amazon platform to grow their business globally. As per Elena, selling internationally has doubled its business since its international sales are equal to their US sales.

“I was motivated to sell on Amazon internationally because they made it very easy. They have an amazing platform, and they give you the information and give you all the tools. We couldn’t have done international sales without Amazon.”

Her advice for you is –

“Do your homework. Go through the Amazon provider list, pick your best selling products, go and research what is selling on Amazon, and see if your product is competitive. Then go ahead and list, test your logistics, make sure that you are compliant, and just do it!”

To watch Elena share her success story, click here for the full story – Bling Jewelry Success Story.

4. Melissa Gulbranson, VP Marketing at Oxyfresh, Idaho

Mouthwash, toothpaste, nutritional smoothies for people, and their pets, are the main products offered by Oxyfresh, which is over 35 years old. But they started their journey on Amazon only a few years back and significantly improved their performance by using Amazon Sponsored Ads, keyword and competitor targeting, and product content rewrites.

“A few years back, we realized we were missing out on a big opportunity by just having customers purchase products on our e-commerce site. We know our customers shop on Amazon all the time – so it only made sense that they should be able to add Oxyfresh products to their shopping cart.”

To check out Oxyfresh’s full success story, check out this link by Tinuiti – Oxyfresh Success Story.

5. James Fend, Memphis

“Amazon likes to rank those that sell best and generate them the most revenue in the shortest amount of time.”.

James owns multiple e-commerce companies that generate six-figure sales annually with the help of Amazon and his online stores. He started selling fundamental home use products for which the market was already saturated and succeeded in converting a $500 investment to a neat $50,000 worth of sales in just 8 months.

“I was adding more products to my portfolio. Diversifying as much as possible across completely different niches.”

To learn more about Jame’s story, check out his blog on Feedbackz – Jame’s Success Story.

6. Amen Panesar, Canada

A long time entrepreneur who started selling on Amazon for some side income, and now he is doing around $30,000 of sales per month with a 20-30% profit margin. It took Amen 6-7 months to start making enough money to be able to take out some from Amazon selling his own private label.

“This business is not really about the products. This business is about the millions of people coming to a website looking for something specific. So you need to find out what that specific is, and build your products around that. Start with retail arbitrage, and this is not to make money but to understand the system.”

To see Amen sharing his Amazon journey, click on this video by Tamara Tee – Amen’s Success Story.

7. Scott Needham, Partner at BuyBoxers, Logan, Utah

After passing grad school, Scott partnered with his brother, who was already using Amazon since 1999. Using technology to automate most of their otherwise time taking tasks was the first thing they did together. They now work with over 400 partners and sell 5 million products annually. Being one of the first sellers on Amazon, they have definitely piled up the benefits, and currently have one of the broadest FBA products catalog.

“If you’re in a specific category segment, look at Amazon sellers within that segment and the type of products they’re selling. We’ve also scoped out a lot of suppliers just by looking at our competition, and I’m sure they’ve done the same to us”.

To learn more about BuyBox’s remarkable journey, click on this link by Profit Guru – BuyBoxer’s Success Story.

8. Marvin Sims, USA

“You buy the product, you ship it, and then you sit on your couch and make sales while you are doing other things. Amazon FBA takes care of everything; you can literally go on a vacation and not worry about anything.”

Marvin started off focusing on products with lower margins of around $2, targeting a high sales volume to win the game. The category that worked best for him was grocery, highlighting the importance of carefully selecting your products that you are confident of getting good deals for. Marvin also stresses on using retail arbitrage wisely as products yielding high ROI, in the beginning, may not do so consistently over a more extended period, so you need to stock up considering all factors.

To read or hear more on Marvin’s story, check out this link by The Selling Family – Marvin’s Success Story.

9. Dan Kogan, Canada

Dan built a $100,000 per month Amazon store in 9 months while making around $5,000 in the first 30 days, which makes his story quite incredible. Much like Marvin, Dan went for inexpensive products, to begin with for his amazon business. By becoming an expert on his products, he knew how to negotiate and maintain balance with his suppliers. The biggest challenge for him however, was working alone without any colleagues, but he found other avenues to socialize and put his energies to better use for his Amazon business.

“Don’t quit, because there were moments when I got stuck and felt if I can even do this. But if I had quit, I wouldn’t be out here today.”

To watch Dan’s full story, click on this video by Tom Wang – Dan’s Success Story.

10. Angie Chacon, Florida

“Don’t be slow about it, don’t wait. Scheduling your time is the most crucial thing while gaining knowledge and researching on the products. The beginning is the longest part.”

Angie has been a seller at Amazon since 2014, and has one of the most inspiring stories about how this single mom of 4 makes a sale of over $500,000 every month with 40 different products across the USA, Canada, and Europe, under a private label. With her first few products, she realized that it is not working out and moved on to a different product that worked, instead of giving up.

“You want to be innovative, and there are tons of opportunities, with Amazon growing at a crazy pace, and I don’t see that ever stopping. Getting in to this e-commerce universe and the experience of coming and playing this game with Amazon is extremely valuable.”

To read and watch Angie’s inspiring story, click on this link by Project Life Mastery – Angie’s Success Story.

Running Your Amazon Seller Business With Amazon Seller Software

A few pointers always come in handy when you start a fresh business, and how you utilize and implement this in your business will chart your journey on Amazon. The contribution of an Amazon Seller Software in the process cannot be discounted as well. Check out some tips below:-

  1. Finalize your capital and budget for selling on Amazon and set a monetary goal to achieve before investing more into the business.
  2. Do a thorough research on products to come up with the best product that meets our business needs. Understand the market, try to ascertain the demand, and learn about your competition to analyze the expected success of a product. Be very sure about the final list of products before placing an order with your supplier and stocking your Amazon inventory.
  3. Manage your inventory correctly to ensure that your products never go out-of-stock and also, so you don’t miss out on a sale either. This also helps in improving your organic rank for the Amazon search results.
  4. Create an attractive Brand Store on Amazon and optimize your listing by using the appropriate quantity and quality of keywords while creating a listing.
  5. Use Amazon FBA Seller tools to automate a chunk of your work like managing inventory, tax calculations, review tracking, keyword research, etc. This will reduce your workload, giving you a better control over your Amazon business through detailed reports and analysis.
  6. Make sure to keep your customers happy by providing them with prompt service, taking care of their queries, and resolving their issues. The quality of ratings and the number of reviews both play a very crucial role in the success of your Amazon seller business.
  7. Explore multiple channels for marketing your product to the target audience. You should give Amazon Sponsored Products a try to improve your overall results from Amazon by attracting the right traffic for your product.

Summing Up

It is not difficult to sign up with Amazon and become a seller, but finding the right niche and making a calculative investment will take you a long way. By sharing these success stories, we don’t want to undermine the risks associated with starting any business, but the purpose of this article is to highlight the additional support that Amazon sellers have of this global marketplace that gives you access to swarms of people willing to purchase your products. A vast proportion of the Amazon Sellers are using the platform for a side revenue, and are already making thousands of dollars in profits each month while building a brand over the years. Like every business, you need to begin with some capital, but you should have a strategy and a back-up plan at hand to cope with any eventualities. Experiencing success and failures are all part of the game; it all boils down to what you learn from your failures and how you build on your progress. So hustle up, focus on your business at hand, optimize every possible avenue of it, and sit back and reap the benefits from your business model.