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How Advertising On Amazon Can Improve Your Sales And ROI

As an Amazon seller, have you asked these questions before?

  • How do I improve my sales and boost ROI?
  • How do I get better visibility for my listings?
  • How can I dominate a specific category?

Every Amazon seller has asked these questions, and even more, at some point in their lives. And the fastest way to address these concerns is to take advantage of Amazon Sponsored Products.

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In a nutshell, the more visible your listing becomes, the bigger the chances of you getting a sale.
By utilizing Amazon Sponsored Products, you are leveraging the fastest and easiest way for your listing to appear on Amazon’s search result for a specific keyword related to your listing.
Though there are organic ways that you can use to attain this highly coveted spot, doing so takes time. And in the world of e-commerce, every second that your listing is not visible to your target audience, someone else is closing a sale that should have been yours.

Targeted Amazon Product Ads Help You Reach Buyers And Not Just Viewers

A viewer is someone who just wants to look around Amazon in the hope of finding a good buy. A buyer on the other hand is fixated on a specific product and is “ready” to purchase said product.
Buyers go to Amazon because it’s convenient to them. All they need is to type in a keyword and the results for the product that they are looking for is instantly showed to them. By leveraging Amazon PPC, your listings are immediately shown to these buyers.
Factor in engaging product descriptions and the right pricing, and the chances of converting your listing is heightened.

The Benefits Of A Well Conceived Amazon Advertising Strategy Can Stretch Well Beyond Its Campaign Period

When a listing is targeted for an Amazon PPC campaign, several factors will soon come to play in reaction it it having better search result visibility.

  • Better click through rates
  • Better conversion rates
  • Increased reviews/feedback

And you know what, all of which are important organic ranking factors for Amazon’s search algorithm!
So by implementing an effective Amazon paid advertising campaign, you are also indirectly improving the status of your listing organically.
This ensures that your listing has enough juice to still appear in the search results even after its PPC campaign has ended.

Why Hiring An Amazon PPC Management Company Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

Unless you’re an expert at Amazon optimization, hiring a PPC company to do it for you is your best option.
Of course, you can choose to learn and implement it yourself. But with PPC being a specialized field, wouldn’t you rather leave it to the experts?
A professional PPC management company will:

As a listed partner of Amazon Service Provider network, SellerLift can help you get the most our of your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads!

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Our comprehensive campaign management service includes:

  • Analyzing existing campaigns in order to weed out non-performing keywords
  • Creating targeted campaigns with and highly relevant keywords, to ensure immediate results
  • Creation of Manual campaigns using negative keywords, exact match, and phrase match type for highly relevant keywords
  • Optimized campaigns by expert account managers
  • Constant campaign optimization to ensure better keyword conversion rates and bid adjustments to maximize in ad-spending
  • Fast customer support through phone/call/chat
  • Weekly campaign performance report and review for you to know what you’re spending on and how effective your campaigns are
  • A zero risk clause that allows you to cancel anytime

We all know how profitable Amazon can be when you implement the right tools.
Let us be one of your tools.
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