SellerLift: The Best Jumpsend Alternative

SellerLift is a powerful Amazon Feedback Tool that allows you to automate how you interact with your customers after every sale.

Since its launch in 2017, SellerLift has helped hundreds of Amazon sellers create long lasting business relationships with their customers. Relationships that translated to higher return sales and more positive customer reviews and feedback.

Do you sometimes feel that Jumpsend is not giving you all the vital features you need as a seller? Features that can help propel you from just being regular Amazon seller, to becoming “THE” seller in your product niche?

Don’t you think it’s time for you to change to a much more powerful Amazon Feedback Tool?

Don’t you think you deserve more?

Let SellerLift Turn Your Business Into An Empire!

SellerLift allows Amazon sellers to streamline, and future proof the entire process of getting reviews and feedback from customers.

Compared to Jumpsend, SellerLift offers more features, access to more Amazon Marketplaces per plan, and most importantly, much more affordable in terms of money spent per email.

Here are the facts:

Jumpsend may have the email volume in the bag, but it is a bit light on important premium features compared to SellerLift.

If you examine each package, it’s practically the same thing!

  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Access to 100K+ shoppers
  • Premium analytics
  • Distribute Unlimited Coupons

And the only thing that changes is the product limit.

So in short, you’re paying more money to increase your product limit.

Is that good enough for you?

FREE 15 Day Trial Amazon Feedback Tool

Switch To SellerLift And Start Leveraging Our Powerful Boost Feature!

The Boost Feature is a powerful tool exclusive to SellerLift, which allows you to send an email to previous customers.

It doesn’t matter if a sale was made before you made the switch. SellerLift will automatically check with Amazon and retrieve your previous sales. It will then provide you a list of previous customers, allowing you to get in touch with them to get those important customer review and feedback.

Send Convincing And Engaging Emails To Your Clients With Our Premade Email Templates

Sending an email to your customer is the easy part. Now you have to convince them to actually leave you a review or feedback. Improve your chances of getting a review or feedback by using one of our several email templates.

Our pre-made templates were written by expert copywriters with the purpose to convince your clients to leave those valuable reviews and feedback.

You have several email templates to choose from, each specifically catered to a specific demographic type and location.

SellerLift allows you to connect with customers on any Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

How to switch from FeedbackFive to SellerLift?

For a hassle free transition to SellerLift, send an email to our Customer Success team at (email address) for them to guide you through the migration process.