How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Amazon has slowly emerged as the most successful virtual Shopping Mall for both Buyers and Sellers. There are over 5 Million Sellers registered with Amazon across the World, with over 150 Million Prime members, now that’s huge! Amazon Prime members pay a subscription fee to Amazon to access certain services like faster delivery, video, and music streaming content, and many more features. This means that people are paying Amazon to use its platform to buy products, imagine the quality of traffic.

There is no single rule for winning on Amazon; in fact, it’s a combination of factors that make your listing successful on Amazon. Amazon offers a lot of customizable features that make your Brand rich with data and provides metrics on trends and customer preferences. And it awards you for Selling by ranking your products better over time.

Yes, Amazon charges a hefty commission, but with the World of Opportunity that it provides you with, it is a worthwhile investment. If you use it right, you can play it to your strengths. So it is time to give your Amazon sales figures a Boost.

We have identified a few Amazon Seller Tips, so just jump onto the Bandwagon and explore how to achieve a high sales figure on Amazon.

1. Get an official birth certificate for your brainchild

Your business is like your child, and you need to nurture it to see it grow. If you are the single owner of a brand, consider registering it and having it Trademarked. This would prevent anyone else from using your brand name for their products, which may be counterfeits.

Having a Brand to your name also allows you to sign up with Amazon Brand Registry, which forms a safety net over your Brand. It gives you deeper insights and gives you additional features like the A+ Content, which is also used by Amazon SEO to rank your products.

Registering for a Trademark is a little expensive, but if you plan on building your Amazon seller business, this should be an investment to consider. This certainly does help you to increase your sales on Amazon.

2. Set up a Shop to Impress

For all the Sellers enrolled under Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon allows you to set up your very own virtual storefront. An excellent place for you to inspire, educate, and encourage Shoppers to explore your Brand and its products. You can create individual landing pages too for specific products or categories.

Your Store should be the answer to the question – Why should anyone buy from you? With your Amazon Brand Store, you can give the Shoppers a visual tour of your products. High-quality content and jaw-dropping images create a desire in the minds of your potential buyers.

Having a Store also reaffirms trust in your Brand since it is a place where Shoppers can connect and interact with your Brand and check out the products and buy them. This is a neat way to increase your sales on Amazon.

To learn how to Set up your own Amazon Brand Store, click here – Build your Amazon Brand Store.

3. Price Intelligently and be a money magnet

There is enormous competition on Amazon, and your price is an essential factor to increase Amazon sales, but this doesn’t mean that the lowest priced product earns the most sales. And even if this strategy does help one see success initially, this is not a long term solution since that would be cutting into your profits.

Make sure to do a careful analysis of the market, and keep your own costs into consideration like manufacturing cost, advertising costs, amazon fees, etc. before deciding on the final price. But if you are managing multiple products simultaneously, we would advise that you use a Pricing Tool for more accuracy.

Instead of lower pricing, having limited discounts or offers is better for your Brand’s overall health, and definitely gives a boost to your Amazon sales.

4. If the Shoppers see what they like, they are yours

One point that we cannot stress enough is to optimize your Amazon listings from time to time. The Product Listing Page gives you a final chance to win the customer over with your offering and score a home run for your business.

Your product listing page also has a direct relation to your organic rankings on Amazon, since the Amazon A9 algorithm crawls through your page content to understand its relevance.

Some aspects of the page need your attention – product title, product description or bullet points, the Buy Box, A+ Content, product images, customer ratings & reviews, and customer FAQs. If you use relevant keywords, create an engaging page with high-quality photos, and have a good number of ratings & positive reviews, you will likely be successful.

To learn how to Optimize your Listing on Amazon, click here – Amazon Listing Optimizations.

5. If the Big Daddy likes you, your job is already easier

The Amazon search results query is similar to Google; you type in a keyword into the search query box and are taken to a page displaying results that match your search term. The products that are the most relevant to the search term are then ranked based on multiple factors and are displayed on the search engine results page.

If the Amazon A9 Algorithm (SEO) likes the content on your product listing like your Title & Description, your usage of keywords, your conversion rate, your feedback quality & frequency, your price, and your page’s engagement with the audience, you then have a chance of ranking higher for the organic search results.

This helps you gain more organic or free traffic onto your products details page, thereby increasing your sales on Amazon, and lowering your ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

To learn more about ACoS, click here – Amazon ACoS and how to Lower it.

6. Fight for the Buy Box to Assert your Dominance

The Buy Box is another crucial factor that is considered by the Amazon algorithm while ranking products. The Box is present on the right side of the product details pages, next to the bullet points, and has two click-to-action buttons. One button is to Add the product to Cart, and the other button is for Buying the product.

This Box is not available to everyone; it has to be Won by meeting certain requirements set by Amazon. It also includes factors like your pricing, rating, fulfillment, etc. Having a Buy Box is also considered good by the Amazon SEO and helps in improving your organic rank.

Having a Buy Box also turns out to be better for conversions since Shoppers can directly purchase your product instead of getting a list of Vendors to choose from, it helps in cutting down competition. You can also use a repricer tool that helps you in winning the Buy Box. So do fight for your Buy Box and notice the increase in your Amazon sales.

7. Invest efforts in other Sales channels, to be Seen

Amazon is the most used platform by consumers and wholesalers, but that doesn’t mean that this is the only marketplace. Other platforms like eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc. also have a flow of traffic, which would be useful for improving not just your overall sales but your Amazon sales too.

If an interested Shopper compares products and sees your presence on multiple platforms, you would seem like a more trustworthy brand, and it would be easier to lock in the sale. Keep your Brand communication consistent across all platforms for smoother customer experience.

Amazon Sellers often overlook this fact and miss out on this chance to increase their overall sales figures.

8. Focus on Reviews, to Flaunt

Reviews and Ratings play a very significant role in selling a product. Since the products cannot be felt, and a customer’s decision is made solely based on what they see on the screen, it is why factors like the quality of ratings and the number of reviews matter.

A high number of reviews and ratings above 4 have a higher chance of converting, and it is also taken positively by the Amazon A9 Algorithm.

Although, if your ratings are high, but the number of reviews are less, you still have a chance of losing the sales if your competitor’s rating is slightly lower, but his number of reviews are high. Responding to your reviews, especially the negative ones, is also a good habit as it shows that as a Brand, you care, and this may be seen positively by many Shoppers.

If your sales are high enough for you to implement a feedback system, you can use an Amazon Seller Tool to automate your task. This is another critical factor to increase sales on Amazon.

9. Take the Mike and perform for your Audience

Amazon Sponsored Products is an excellent way for you to be able to showcase your Brand to the Shoppers. Sponsored Products are PPC (Pay-per-Click) Ads available to Sellers, to promote their products across the Amazon platform and on third-party apps or websites, and show up as ‘Sponsored’ Ads. The Sellers have to bid on keywords relevant to their products, and the highest bid wins the opportunity to advertise for their product.

There are three types of Ads – Sponsored Brand Ads or Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, and Display Ads. These Ads improve your visibility, which increases the traffic on your product details page, which results in conversions.

These Ads are an excellent way for Amazon Sellers to make their presence felt on the platform and to increase Amazon sales.

To learn more about Advertising on Amazon, click here – Amazon Sponsored Products.

10. Advertise on Multiple Channels, to be Known

Advertisement indeed requires investment, but it is the only way to survive in this highly competitive World of Amazon Sellers. You must take out a monthly Advertising budget and spread it across multiple platforms.

It is a great habit to maintain a presence on social media to increase your overall brand value. And you can use services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to spread your brand name. You can lead consumers back to your Amazon listing page to increase the traffic on your page, and if it converts, then that is another point counted by the Amazon SEO.

Make sure you understand the platform that you are advertising on for optimized results, and it should not just increase sales but also do so profitably.

11. Enlist for FBA to build on your strengths

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a scenario wherein Amazon charges a small fee to take the responsibility of packaging & shipping your product, and fulfilling delivery, instead of the seller doing it. Amazon FBA sellers have to maintain an inventory with Amazon so that their product can be dispatched at the earliest, allowing Amazon to deliver within the promised time.

Shoppers prefer FBA products over Vendor delivered products due to the fulfillment promised by Amazon. Not only this, but the Amazon SEO also takes the FBA status while positioning products.

12. Abide by the Law of the Amazon

Amazon has a set of rules and regulations pertaining to the various aspects of your Seller Account. If you break these rules, your account’s chances of getting suspended are high, which would lower your overall sales.

So it is wise to be aware of the various rules and abiding by them while making a high-quality listing, which would indirectly lead to higher sales in the longer run. In case you ever find that your account has been suspended, you can use Reinstatement services or tools to get your account back up and running.

13. Have an FBA Tool Kit to Breathe Easy

As our business starts growing, it starts getting difficult to manage all our tasks efficiently. You may end up missing on a few vital tasks, and that may negatively affect your business. To avoid yourself from falling in this situation, you must make use of the various Amazon FBA Seller Tools available in the market for multiple purposes.

There are tools available for researching keywords, tracking keywords, checking your competitor’s keywords, content and listing optimization, advertising on and off-amazon, inventory management, pricing and repricing, shipping, profit calculation, customer service, review management, and many more such categories.

To learn about the Best Tools available in the market, click here – Best Amazon Seller Tools for FBA in 2020.

14. If the Buyers want it, you must have it

If you have a full inventory, the smoother, the conversion experience will be. When a Shopper is looking for a product and finds you, but then realizes that your product is ‘Out of Stock’, then you lose on that sale, and it is also bad customer experience. The Shopper might jump off to another product, or even to another platform other than Amazon.

Not having items in stock is also not appreciated by Amazon as they don’t want to lose on a sale, which may lead to a lowering in your organic rank as well. So you need to track and manage your inventory carefully to avoid such a scenario. There are Inventory Management tools also out there, which would make your job easier.

15. Utilize Social Media Influencers, to be Talked About

Once you gain the trust of a potential buyer, then you can rest assured about conversions. But in this virtual World, it isn’t easy to gain the confidence of a person sitting hundreds of miles away. This is where you can use influencers to spread a good name about your products.

There are multiple influencers with huge followings on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc; who would be willing to endorse your product in exchange for free products or a small fee. This may seem like a very worthy investment over the long run. Through these influencers, you can connect with their followers who could also be your potential buyers since the followers trust these influencers, and seeing them use your products might encourage them to purchase it. This is a great way to increase sales on Amazon.

16. It is not a Race anymore if you Win every time

You need to stay a step ahead of your competitors, always. You must keep a close lookout on your competitors’ listings to understand what makes Shoppers buy their product, and what they like or dislike about it. And you should also notice how Shoppers are interacting with your competitor’s listing.

By being aware of the market, you can plan ahead of your competitor by making the best use of your listing to attract and satisfy your potential buyers. If you understand what the customer wants, your Life as a Seller on Amazon becomes very easy and rewarding.

You can also use Competitor Research tools for researching keywords, ASIN look-up, understand their page layout, and optimize your listing, keeping in mind your competitor’s presence.

17. Bundle your products to be featured as Unique

Another fair way of beating your competitors is by bundling your products together. Product Bundling allows you to create a unique product that could be featured by Amazon if you are the only seller.

The product bundle must make sense for the Shopper to consider buying it. And having a unique product significantly cuts down your competition, thereby increasing your sales.

18. Spread your Wings and Fly Global

If you’re selling on Amazon, you may want to expand your geography and try out new markets. Amazon has a Worldwide presence in all the major countries, which gives you access to millions of new Shoppers.

With Amazon managing your packaging and delivery fulfillment, all you need to do is focus on spreading your Brand Name to newer markets and offering them your range of products and increase Amazon sales.

Did we miss out?

Do you think our article will make selling on Amazon easier for you? If you have any Amazon Selling Tips apart from the ones mentioned above, do type it down in the comment section below and let us know.