6 Tools Every Amazon Seller Needs To Have… And Why

If you think that having your listings go live on Amazon is the end of things, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It isn’t! It actually is just the start of a long series of processes that you need constantly loop.

And with online retail being a 24/7, worldwide marketplace, you need to be consistent with being ahead of the competition in order to get a bigger piece of the virtual retail pie.

The net is awash with thousands of apps that promises to streamline your sales, marketing and inventory management. And with said factors playing a huge role in the success of your online retail business, choosing the right application can be a daunting task for the less tech savvy.

Don’t worry though as we have you covered.

This article will provide you with the top 6 tools you will ever need to manage every aspect of your Amazon business. Using them will save you from doing guesswork and help you streamline your workflow.

Shall we start?

Inventory Tracking

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One of the most important key trait of successful online retail businesses is the availability of the products to their customers.

Though some may think that having a “sold out” button plastered on their product image is a good marketing tool, a sign that tells other that people are buying their product. Actually, the more it stays on there, the more money they lose.

Managing your inventory correctly means that every time someone decides to purchase something off you, they will get to buy the product they want and not wait for a restock.

There are many inventory tracking apps out there. And here are some that were specifically created with Amazon sellers in mind.

  • SellerActive
  • AutoMCF
  • Teikametrics
  • Inventory Lab
  • Stitch Labs

Barcode Scanner

Nothing eats up time than manually entering your UPC’s and ISBN’s for each of your products right?

So unless you find some sort of meditative effect to entering them manually, your best option would be to get yourself a barcode scanner.

Amazon has its own barcode scanner that you can use, or you can choose to use the ones from;

  • Scoutify
  • ASellerTool

You can even get a “handheld” one starting at $15 if you want.

Amazon Tools

Of course, it’s no surprise that Amazon itself has a few nifty tools that you can use.

Amazon Seller App

Available for both Android and iOS, you can use the app to manage your sales and respond to whatever queries your customers may have, 24/7, while keeping yourself mobile.

Volume Listing Tools

A collection of tools that aids you in managing your;

  • Listings
  • Inventory templates
  • Converting listings from Google Shopping, eBay etc

FBA Revenue Calculator

Ensures that FBA members can calculate their fees to earning ration on the go.

Third Party Repricing/Listing/Scouting Software

Online retail is not only a cutthroat environment. It’s also constantly in flux. And those that can quickly adapt to whatever changes that happen gains the upper-hand over its competitors.

Sadly, there is no magic app that does everything with a click of single button… at least not yet. So if you want to manage your Amazon listing anytime, anywhere, then you need to have a;

Scouting Tool App

If Airbnb gives you the best prices of places to stay around the world, scouting tools scour the web for the price of top wholesale products that you can sell on Amazon.

This ensures that you not only have an idea on how to adjust your prices to maximize profits, but somewhat have a sneak peek into what others might start selling in the next few hours.

I recommend you try;

  • Profit Bandit
  • ScoutRabbit

Listing Services

  • Solid Commerce
  • Listtee
  • Venido

All are trusted services that will not only automate your listing process on Amazon, but on other ecommerce platforms as well.

Repricing Apps

Price is one of several important ranking factors Amazon considers when choosing what listing appears high on its search result.

What a repricing app does is allow you to update the prices of your listings on the fly. This ensures that your listing becomes more appealing to buyers, thus forcing Amazon’s algorithm to rank it better for the search result it falls under.

I suggest you choose one from these repricing apps to use.

  • Sellery
  • ScanPower
  • RepricerExpress
  • NeatoScan
  • Teikametrics

Tax Compliance Program

top amazon tools

When you’re focused on moving product as an Amazon seller, sales taxes may be the last thing on your mind–but they shouldn’t be. Selling online, especially if you use Amazon FBA or another drop-ship service, can create more sales tax obligations than you realize.

Doing business in the online world sometimes make us forget about real world obligations related to trade. And taxes is one of those.

Yep, tax sales obligations comes with e-commerce. And not putting this on our to do list, especially for FBA members, might just get you in hot water in the future.

Avalara TrustFile has numerous tools that can help take care of your tax requirements.  

Seller Feedback Management Tool

Of course, the list of tools every Amazon seller needs won’t be complete without an effective seller feedback management tool.

For those that aren’t familiar as to why getting feedback is important, well it is one -if not the most important- ranking factor for Amazon. Not only that, the more positive feedback you get, the better your reputation becomes. Better reputation fosters consumer trust, which in turn leads to more sales.

We at Sellerlift provide that service, as well as other Amazon related services that are vital in keeping your seller account competitive and profitable.

If you want to know more how we can turn your Amazon business into a retail empire, go send us a message now.

So, what do you think of the article? I know, it ended with a sales pitch, but did you really expect it won’t lead to that?

Joking aside though, if you have anything to add to the list of tools above, or if you just want to share your experience in using such tools, feel free to leave a line on the comment section below.

As always, have a great day and see you next time!