Increase Amazon Sales With These Simple Tips

Increasing your Amazon sales is easy……..if you know what you’re doing.

Every successful business sits on a solid foundation of knowledge. Knowledge of how to navigate and avoid its pitfalls, as well as how to leverage every possible avenue to maximize profits.

Amazon is no different. The seller that uses all the tools and strategies available to him/her takes a bigger piece of the pie.

So, do you know how? If you’re not certain, then read on.

SEO is king

People oftentimes forget that Amazon is also a search engine. And when it comes to search engines, SEO is king.

Amazon has numerous ranking factors that determines as to which listing gets to appear in search results related to it.

Amazon ranking factors:

  • Title
  • Sub-title
  • Descriptions
  • Reviews/Feedback
  • Price

So just like SEO for websites, you as a seller should closely monitor what people are searching for on Amazon, as well as spy on what your competitors are using.

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Use Amazon’s FBA program

For the unfamiliar, the Amazon FBA program takes care of shipping your products to its buyer. This fulfillment system does not only takes the burden off you when it comes to shipping your products, it also means that if a problem arises during delivery, you won’t get the blame. And why is this important, well because each negative feedback you get from a customer affects the search visibility of your listing.

By having Amazon take the responsibility of fulfilling orders for you, you can concentrate more on streamlining your business.

And aside from FBA products getting better conversion rates from non-FBA ones, they also appear on Amazon Prime-filtered search results.

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When it comes to marketing, diversify!

Amazon is an e-commerce platform. The biggest one at that. But that doesn’t mean you should keep all your efforts within its walls.

Dialing your marketing game on Amazon is good. But there are other mediums out there. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter are just some of the platforms that you can use to funnel more people into your Amazon store.

More traffic, the bigger the chances of a sale.

Minimize inventory errors

Inventory errors pertains to mis-shipments, mis-picks and running out of stocks.

Now why is this important?

Well, inventory and order accuracy plays a huge role in winning the coveted “Buy Box”, and is a gateway to becoming part of Amazon’s Prime Merchant-Fulfilled program.

Get reviews from your customers

Reviews serve as a badge of trust for other buyers. And in online retail, trust is a huge factor when trying to get someone to buy off you.

Not only that, reviews are part of Amazon’s ranking system. So the better your review rating is, the better your standing with Amazon becomes.

But then again, there will be times where you will eventually get a not so favorable review/feedback. Don’t worry though as getting a few is not completely bad. Surprisingly, this can sometimes work in your favor as some buyers sees accounts with mixed review as a sign of legitimacy. Having said that though, you want to keep those at a minimum.

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Leverage Amazon PPC campaigns

Amazon PPC campaigns allows you to bypass all the factors related listing search visibility. This means your listing will be able to outperform its competition in the search results even in your first week as a seller on the platform.

Not only can PPC campaigns boost search visibility for your listing, it can also save you the time to go through the entire Amazon SEO process, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

If you want to see the advantage of using Amazon PPC, then sign up for our FREE 14 day trial.

Create a positive experience for your customers

There is no substitute for real world customer service. But that doesn’t mean you need not go out of your way, nor have the ability, to provide customers with a pleasant buying experience.

The littlest of things like using bullet points to highlight key features of your listing, or sending follow-up emails to check up on your buyers can go a long way.

Plus, the correct use of bullet points on listings is also ranking factor for Amazon.

Become a “Brand” (Private Label)

With Brand Gating on Amazon in full swing, the logical step for any sellers to make more money is for them to become “Private Labels” themselves.

If you have the money and access to manufacturing your own products, then why not become one.

Just remember to:

  • Register your brand with Amazon
  • Use images and videos that are of high quality
  • Use product images, packaging, description, title, etc for brand recall

To know more about how to become a Private Label on Amazon, then read this article Is It Time To Start Your Own Amazon Private Label?

It includes all the information you need to know to start and manage your own Private Label on Amazon.


Cross sell!

This is a trick that I personally use. Being a content writer, I employ Amazon as a lead generation platform for my writing.

As of writing this, I don’t see any clause that permits me from sending a calling card for my writing gig inside the packages I send to my customers. Surprisingly, I got a few writing gigs out of this method.

But then again, I suggest that you try to be very subtle in doing this as it can also lead to you getting a bad review. And yes, I got a few myself.

So, what do you think of these tips? If you have anything to add, feel free to do so using the comment section below.

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