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Improve Your Conversion Rates With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content or EBC in short allows Brand Owner sellers to further enhance their listings in order to get an edge over their competition, by including informative, relevant description and images that can amplify purchase intent and prompt faster purchase decisions.

Our Content Experts will create customized content that best describes your product’s features and converts readers into buyers.

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SellerLift is a Listed Partner of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network.

Deep Dive into your Product & Market Research

  • Conduct extensive research into your products, its features, the market and how it meets your customer’s expectations.

  • Employ knowledge of your product and its market and conduct Keyword Research to collate a detailed list of keywords and search terms relevant to Amazon and its Search Engine.

Develop Optimized Content & Rich Visual Media

  • Develop EBC content tailored to your product using best practices.

  • EBC content includes enhanced images and informative description that can improve buying experience and drive conversions.

Execute & Handle Submission

  • Design EBC for your product using best practices including compelling product description & rich visuals on a template that best suits your brand and product.

  • Take care of the entire submission process so that you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

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