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SellerLift Software analyses competitive landscape to come up with winning campaigns for Amazon Advertising. Our powerful Amazon Advertising Tool automates time consuming and repetitive tasks such as managing bids, blocking negative keywords, amazon feedback service and more. All by Itself.

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Increase visibility, sales and control costs with our powerful ad optimisation software.

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Connect shoppers to your products and build brand awareness using Sponsored brands. Test custom headlines and find the best brand message to share with your customers.

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Engage shoppers on and off Amazon with display campaigns, Our software builds multiple display campaigns based on your budgets, All by itlself


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“When I had started off as a seller on Amazon, my ACOS was skyrocketing. My initial ACOS was in the range of 80-85%, but with Seller Lift’s Amazon PPC software, I was able to bring down my ACOS to 25% in just a matter of two months. The insights provided by them helped me make my business profitable to the extent that I am now launching four more products, and have ten more products in the pipeline. I am now running fully optimized Sponsored Ads on Amazon, and my organic ranking has shot down.”
Erica Davis
“Even after selling for three months on Amazon, my expenses were barely being met with the revenue I earned. I was close to shutting down my Amazon business, but I decided to invest in Seller Lift’s Amazon PPC management software as a last-ditch effort with the remaining budget. And it turned out to be the most worthwhile investment I have made. The click-through rates for my ads started increasing, and my sales started gaining momentum. I was able to stay within the budget each month, and the quality of data helped me understand my business better.”
Paul Anderson
“I have high selling products on Amazon, but while my competitors were getting conversions, I struggled with getting traffic onto my product page. But within two weeks of signing-up with Seller Lift’s Amazon PPC software, my Ad clicks gained momentum, and shoppers started purchasing my products, which not just improved my profitability but also improved my Best Seller Rank on Amazon significantly. Its been four months since I have been using this service and am very satisfied with the overall performance of my Amazon business.”
Greg Marshall

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Other Features

Review Management

Feedback Follow-Up Automation:

Send your customers a series of highly optimised emails and increase the number of genuine reviews/feedback by upto 5x!

Monitor Reviews & Alerts:

Track your Amazon reviews & feedback in a single app. Receive real-time email alerts.

Boost Reviews:

One time mass email follow up for previous orders.

Social Media Automation

Works on all Social Networks:

Connect your favorite social networks.

Beautiful Templates:

Setup your ‘brand’ social post templates.

Auto Post:

Schedule and automate social posting. Never miss out posting on your favorite social media sites!

Sponsored Products Management

Sponsored Products:

Discover profitable keywords & reduce unwanted spend with custom rules.

Managed Service:

100% Done for You on Seller Central & AMS

Scale Campaigns:

Our Managed Services help Amazon businesses spending over $3000-a-month scale their campaigns