Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

These 5 Amazon Seller Scanner Apps Needs To Be On Your Phone!

Amazon seller scanner apps are an indispensable tool for FBA sellers…..especially if you’re into retail arbitrage. It allows you to go to any store, scan a product’s barcode or packaging, and get Amazon metrics for that specific product.

This translates to you being able to instantly check if a certain product is profitable enough for you to make money off it on Amazon.

Now I don’t know about you, but that is a very convenient tool to have in my book.

But you might be asking “If it’s that important, why is it not commonly used by many FBA sellers?”

Well personally, it’s the same as most sellers not caring about using the best keywords for their listings.

I’ve said it before, and let me say it again. In business, those that become successful are those that leverage all the tools available to them. And if you are an FBA seller who’s not using an Amazon seller app, then you’re just letting the competition leave you behind.

Add to that the fact that having Amazon seller scanner apps on your phone provides you information on:

  • How much the retail price of said product on Amazon
  • How much profit will you possibly get if you choose to sell said product
  • Your eligibility to sell said product (as of writing this, you still can’t pharmaceutical items or groceries on the platform without permission)

So I guess the next logical question would be, “what’s the best Amazon seller app scanner?”

Well, there are a lot of Amazon seller apps available to FBA sellers. Each has slightly different ways of presenting information you.

But if you want my top picks, and an Amazon seller app review at the same time, then here they are.

Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

Now aside from the fact that this Amazon seller application was made by Amazon itself, the best part of it all is that it’s completely free!

And because it was made by Amazon, it automatically has access to the Amazon seller platform. A huge plus for a free app most of its peers requires users to have an Amazon Pro account.

But then again, the downside of being an in-house Amazon app is that it is not give you data from other platform like Google, eBay, or AMZ seller specific tools like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel.

One would say that this limits your access to real time global price movements. And that I have to agree with to a certain extent.

But from my end, I think that the Amazon seller scanner app is more than enough, especially for newer sellers looking for a tool that can help them arrive at a better FBA buying decision.

The claim to fame of this Amazon seller scanner app is its claim that it provides the biggest Amazon pricing database. Plus, you can even use it even if you don’t have a signal.

The app switches from live search to a local database when your internet signal gets cut.

This is a nifty feature that can come in pretty handy if you find yourself in a dead spot, or far away on the countryside looking at a product that you think would sell well on Amazon.

Compared to its peers, this Amazon seller scanner app is super expensive. But price comes with what many considers as the more accurate data for Amazon.

This means that whatever decision you make is based upon accurate, real time data.
The app also has a desktop version which allows you to dig deeper into specific data, making it more flexible than its peers.

It also allows user to create their own 2D barcodes, which makes the app a good tool for inventory management as well.

Coming from InventoryLab, this Amazon seller application is part of a bigger network of tools that helps FBA sellers manage their product inventory. This Amazon seller central app work for your regular Amazon inventory as well.

Though the app requires a monthly subscription to use, it is completely worthy investment for those starting out, or for Amazon sellers that has a huge inventory.

The Scoutify App has a very user friendly interface. It also can be integrated with other third party apps to give its users a bigger view of price movements, allowing them to arrive at a much informed buying and selling decision.

Though it is one of the most affordable Amazon seller scanner app, by no means is it lacking in its features.

Profit Bandit provides users with an exact picture as to how competitive the current retail environment is. This in turn allows users to come up with buying and selling decisions based on accurate, detailed, and current data.

An example of this is its instant product pricing and profit calculator tool. The tool allows its users to visit a brick and mortar store, scan products, and get data about said products instantly.

For its price and features, this Amazon seller application is absolutely worth every penny and is highly suggested for newer FBA sellers, or those that have smaller product inventories.

Amazon Seller Scanner Apps:

What’s the best?

Personally, I don’t believe that there really is a “best” app. All of the five apps I mentioned above are pretty good. And any of them can easily fulfil the needs of any Amazon FBA seller.

But if you ask me which app will I use, then it has to be the Amazon Seller App.
Why? Well to start with, it’s from Amazon.

Before I started selling on Amazon, I was an SEO person. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through my years of optimizing websites, is that no company would release a product, or application, that would compromise its name. This was true with Google’s keyword tool before, and I believe it is the same for Amazon.

Second, the information that the app provides is more than enough for any user to competently make buying and selling decisions. And of course, it’s free!

But then again, I would also suggest that you use other apps to compliment Amazon Seller App. Even if it’s for the purpose of using it as a backup.

To End

I have always reiterated that success, not just in the Amazon ecosystem but in everything we do as well, is making the most of every tool available to us.

And regardless of how much of an expert you think you are in navigating the Amazon marketplace, the intelligent way of going about doing business is to gather as much data about products and how they are consumed by consumers.

This for me is why you should have at least one, or two, Amazon Seller Scanner Apps on your phone.

Anyway, I hope you have a great day. And I will talk to you next time.