Best Amazon Seller Tools Software for FBA in 2020

Even as all of us are flocking to Amazon to Sell and Promote our products, very few of us use the proper tools to optimize our Amazon business, and are left with unsold inventory and lower than expected returns.

Yes, it is easy to register as a Seller on Amazon, but managing your account correctly and effectively is critical. Amazon allows you to micro-manage your account, and there are a lot of small elements that, if appropriately tweaked, can give you Your Success Story.

This article helps you understand the various micro-categories on Amazon that you may want to focus on, and the Best Amazon Seller Tools to derive results from them.

To begin with, we will list out our Top All-purpose Amazon Seller Tools, and we will then discuss each Category and the Best Amazon Seller Tool for that category so that you can make them a part of our FBA tool kit. So sit tight, as your Life is going to become so much easier.

The Best All-in-One FBA Seller Tools

This is our handpicked selection of the Top-4 the best Amazon Seller Tools software available in the market. These FBA Seller Tools will cover most of the essential Tasks that a Seller needs to complete to have a healthy account and achieve the desired returns from selling on the Amazon Marketplace.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon software tools in the market that offers solutions for all the major hurdles you may face while Selling on Amazon. It is a blend of atleast twenty different seller tools that cover a wide range of categories to help you work efficiently.

The software gives highly precise and data-driven in-depth solutions to manage the health of your Amazon FBA Seller Account. Here are some of the main categories covered by Helium 10:-

Product Research & Development, Keyword Research, Keyword Tracking, Listing Optimization, PPC Management,  Competitor Research, Managing Refunds, Amazon Inventory Management, Financial Analytics, Email Services, Profit Calculator, ASIN Grabber, Search Term Analytics, Reverse ASIN.

What is the cost?

Helium 10 offers three monthly plans – $97 / $197 / $397, each offering a bundle of Amazon seller tools and a 30 Day Free Trial version.

To check out the software for yourself, click here – Helium 10

2. Sellics

One of the most used Amazon seller tools in the market is Sellics. Sellics has a separate platform for Seller Central and Vendor Central Amazon Account holders, which means that Sellics has a wide range of users from small businesses to large brands.

Apart from having a friendly user interface, Sellics provides data and metrics to optimize your Amazon business. Here are some of the main categories covered by Sellics:-

Keyword Research, Inventory Control, Amazon Advertising, Profit Calculator, Rank Tracker, Review Management Software, and Listing Optimization.

What is the cost?

The Sellics has monthly plans available based on your business size, and start at $57 and go up to $317

To know more about this software, click here – Sellics.

3. Jungle Scout

What initially began as just a tool for Product Research, Jungle Scout, soon increased upon the services offered by them to make them one of the top all-rounder Amazon software available for its FBA Sellers. It provides features and solutions for new Amazon sellers to launch their businesses and established Amazon sellers to grow their business

Here are the main categories covered by the various Jungle Scout tools:-

Product Research, Supplier Database, Scouting Keywords, Listing Optimizations, Email Automation, Amazon Inventory Management software, and Sales Analytics.

What is the cost?

The monthly plans offered by Jungle Scout are – $39 / $49 / $69. While there is no free-trial for Jungle Scout, they do offer a 14-Day money-back guarantee.

To learn more about this software, click here – Jungle Scout.

4. Cashcow Pro

Cashcow Pro crunches data like none of the other Amazon Seller Tools out there. It gives you solutions based on high-quality data and provides almost all the useful metrics.

It has a very easy-to-use dashboard that also allows you to manage your profit margin and conversion rate.

Here are the main categories covered by the Cashcow Pro software:-

Profit Analysis, Keyword Research & Tracking, Review Management Software, Managing Inventory, Conversion Percentage Tracker, AB Split Testing Tool, and more.

What is the cost?

The pricing starts at $49.97 / month, with the option of canceling within the first 10 days for a full refund.

To learn more about this software, click here – Cashcow Pro.

Best Amazon Seller Tools for Product Research

Before one starts selling on Amazon, it is essential to understand your market and the current trends. To see success, you need to provide something that has demand, or is expected to garner demand in the near future and result in high sales.

You need products that can be easily sourced, and apart from generating high sales, the Amazon product must be profitable and should also help you garner positive customer reviews. This is the reason why Product Research is fundamental before you start selling on Amazon as you need to understand the demand, and the right product mix to fulfill that demand.

Our favorite tool –

Market Scout

For Amazon Product Research, Market Scout is one of the best tools available in the market. It gives you a competitive insight into the products on Amazon. It quickly gives you data about the competition, like the number of sellers, pricing, profit margins, and the product’s rank on Amazon, before you start stocking your inventory.

Market Scout allows you to search thousands of Amazon product ASINs in just minutes and gives you details like the various manufacturer’s ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) / EAN (European Article Number) / UPC (Universal Product Code) number, number of Amazon sellers, profit calculations, lowest margin, FBA fees, product rank, and much more.

What is the Cost?

Market Scout has no monthly subscriptions but instead prefers that you pay when you use it. Its prices start at $0.01 per ASIN search.

To learn more about this Amazon product research software, click here – Market Scout.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Product strategy –

  • Sellics
  • Seller App
  • AMA Suite
  • Google Trends

The Best Amazon FBA Keyword Research Tool

Finding the right keywords and using them in your Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns and your product listing is essential if you want your Amazon FBA business to grow. Keywords are the terms used by the Shoppers on Amazon to search for products, and having a list of important keywords is crucial for the success of your business.

Here is our top pick for a Keyword Research Tool –


Sonar is a Keyword Research tool introduced by Sellics. Sonar provides us with two critical metrics – Important Keywords, and Reverse ASIN lookup. It has a vast database of Keywords that is updated regularly, which helps a Seller with finding the relevant keywords, increasing the visibility of your product listing, and improving your Amazon SEO ranking.

This tool by Sellics records the search queries used by Shoppers on Amazon. And with the Reverse ASIN feature, you can also track the keywords being used by your competitors, which gives you a slight edge over the rest.

What is the Cost?

Free for all!

To learn more about this Amazon keyword research software, click here – Sonar.

Other Seller Tools for your Amazon Keyword strategy –

  • KeyworX
  • Keyword Inspector
  • Keyword Tool
  • Helium 10

The Best Tool for Amazon FBA Product Pricing

Pricing your products right is essential to your business’s success, and you need to do a careful analysis of the competitor’s pricing and competing products. As an FBA Seller, you need to ensure that your prices are neither too high, which would reduce your Amazon Sales, nor too low that it reduces your profit margins.

So how do we come up with that right price? There are tools available online that help you with price research for various products and help you win that crucial Buy Box. The Buy Box is the box on the right side of your Product Details Page, next to the Bullet Points. There are two call-to-action buttons inside the Buy Box, the first one for Adding the product to Cart, and the other one for directly Buying the product.

Here is our most favored tool for pricing –


This AI-driven platform looks up on your competitors and does real-time price optimizations that match your pre-set business goals. Feedvisor keeps your expenses into account and suggests the optimal pricing for your products to maximize your profit margin. The tool also helps you identify the products with the highest and the lowest profitability or sales figures for better planning.

With its smart algorithmic Repricer, Feedvisor helps you earn the Buy Box each time by considering all the essential elements that are looked in by Amazon. Having the Buy Box helps get a better organic rank from Amazon seo, resulting in improved sales figures.

What is the Cost?

The cost of using Feedvisor depends on the number of prices being monitored and optimized by the tool. It could be anywhere between $900 to $2,750 per month.

To learn more about this Amazon product pricing software, click here – Feedvisor.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Pricing strategy –

  • Repricer Express
  • Smart Price
  • Seller Snap
  • Price Blink

The Best Tool for FBA Listing Optimization & Copywriting

Kenji ROI

Amazon Listing refers to the Product Listing pages that give you the option to add titles, photographs, features, descriptions, and customer reviews for your products. Your product listings help you in closing conversions as your listing is how shoppers interact with your products before they make their purchase.

You must use the relevant keywords and mention all the essential details about your product that would convince a shopper to purchase your product over your competitor’s.

The tool that we pick for this category is –

Kenji ROI helps you with the end-to-end optimization of your product listings by creating content and images for clients. The primary listing services offered by them are – A+ Content or EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), Listing Optimization (an SEO friendly listing), photography, and video content.

It curates the important back-end search terms and makes use of them across your page content to make the content readable with all critical features mentioned. Working on your page content can be a real pain-staking task, and Kenji ROI is the perfect one-stop-shop for your Amazon Listing Optimization.

What is the Cost?

They have separate packages for separate tasks. If you are just looking for Listing Copywriting, their package starts at $397; if you seek A+ Content or EBC, then the cost is $450; if you want the full package that includes photographs, copywriting, and A+ Content, then the price goes up to $2,797.

To learn more about this Amazon listing optimization software, click here – Kenji ROI

Other Amazon Seller tools for Product Listing strategy –

  • Splitly
  • AMA Suite
  • Octoporse
  • Cashcow Pro

Best Amazon FBA PPC Management Tool

Amazon PPC are Pay-per-Click Ads displayed all across the Amazon Platform and even on third-party sellers or apps. As the name suggests, a Seller only pays once a shopper clicks on their ad. With the huge competition on Amazon, many FBA Sellers are now opting for Amazon Ads to show their products on top.

But using your PPC Ads effectively is essential both for profit-making and for the survival of your business. If done right, Amazon PPC Ads could shoot your sales through the roof, and if managed poorly, these ads can bleed you off your budget. Having the right PPC tool can help ease your life as a Seller while delivering the desired results.

There are a lot of PPC Tools in the market, but here is our Top pick –

PPC Entourage

While you can sit back and grow your business on Amazon, PPC Entourage helps in increasing your Amazon sales and profits by effectively optimizing your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns.

This tool helps identify the negatively impacting practices for your ad campaigns and optimizes it while lowering your Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS). You don’t need to spend countless hours strategizing your Ad campaigns, because PPC entourage uses data to help you in the same.

What is the Cost?

PPC Entourage has monthly plans based on the number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) that you want assistance with. The plans start at $47 per month.

To learn more about this Amazon PPC management software, click here – PPC Entourage.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your PPC strategy –

  • Jungle Hustle
  • Amachete
  • Sellozo
  • Sellics

The Best Tool for Managing Inventory

Tracking your Inventory helps you identify products that need to be restocked, making sure your earning doesn’t stop. Also, Amazon does not like it when products are listed as ‘out-of-stock’ as it leads to a bad user experience, which could affect your organic rankings too.

The Inventory Management Tool is better suited for brands with a high Amazon sales volume, as tracking and managing inventory then becomes overwhelming at times. Although, with the right tool, you can rely on software to do most of the hard work.

This is our Top Inventory Management Tool:-


Managing your inventory correctly helps you in maintaining the revenue target, as well as improving your productivity. Linnworks automates everything related to your Inventory so that you have better control over it. It not only manages your inventory on Amazon but also offers a Bulk Listing service to manage your inventory over multiple marketplaces under a single dashboard.

With Linnworks, you can control your stocks, manage bulk listings, track your shipments, and manage your inventory, listing, and orders.

What is the Cost?

The Linnworks basic plan starts at $150, which gives you 1,000 orders for the month.

To learn more about this Amazon inventory management software, click here – Linnworks.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Inventory Management strategy –

  • Restock Pro
  • Shopkeeper
  • Forecastly
  • Trade Gecko

The Best Seller Tool for Review Management

Product reviews help a shopper understand the experience of other customers who have already used the product. It is a reassurance for a potential buyer that the product and the brand are trustworthy.

But when we are handling the sales of multiple products, it becomes difficult to effectively track each sale and request for seller feedback. A few review management softwares help you monitor each review and automate the entire process.

The Best Review Management Tool –

Feedback Five (by eCom Engine)

Feedback Five allows you to automate your feedback requests via your Amazon seller dashboard itself. Apart from automating your emails, this tool also helps with managing and monitoring your product reviews, notifies you of negative seller feedback, and allows you to access ASIN level product review data.

It is the perfect review management tool with custom email designs and templates and many other customizable features that blend in with your business.

What is the Cost?

There are two pricing structures, both starting at $0 per month, and going up till $59.99 for the Feedback Management plans, and up to $399 for the Product Review Tracking plans.

To learn more about this Amazon review management software, click here – Feedback Five.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Review strategy –

  • Feedback Express
  • AMZ Finder
  • Feedback Whiz
  • Feedback Genius

The Best Seller Tool for Competitor Research

To come on Top, you need to beat your competitors, but you need to have enough information about your competitor’s business to learn from them and make the best use of it in your strategy as well.

If something is working out for your competitors, then that may work out for you as well. Useful insights like what the competitor is searching for, and who they are selling to would help you in presenting your product and brand in a better way.

Our top tool for competitor research –

Foster FBA

Foster FBA allows you to keep a keen eye on your competitors by finding their search terms, analyzing it, and coming out with the list of the most converting keywords.

By utilizing this information, you can make the necessary changes in your campaigns and listing to garner better results. To keep ahead of competitor’s you need to know what they are up to as that provides you with the necessary inputs to optimize your listing on Amazon.

What is the Cost?

It has three plans to choose from – $97 / $147 / $197, and a different pricing structure for the rest of their services like PPC Optimization, and Listing Optimization.

To learn more about this Amazon competitor research software, click here – Foster FBA.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Competitor strategy –

  • Sellics
  • Helium 10
  • Snag Shout
  • Jumpsend

Best Tool for Amazon FBA Profit Dashboard

Reliable and accurate statistics are vital for running a profit-rich business, which is why there are many tools out there that offer Profit Calculators.

It is essential to study your sales and revenue data to understand your business’s long-term profitability and determine your winning price.

Here’s our Top Profit Tracking Tool:-


Shopkeeper calculates your profit margins while keeping your PPC costs, storage fees, taxes, and other elements in mind. And it has such a User-Friendly dashboard that makes your job even more comfortable.

It helps you identify gaps by comparing your past data with your present-day data to form a data-driven analysis. Apart from managing your profitability, Shopkeeper also provides you a separate tool to manage your inventory.

What is the Cost?

Based on your business size, the number of orders, and your turnover, you can select from four monthly plans – $20 / $45 / $90 / $250.

To learn more about this Amazon FBA profit software, click here – Shopkeeper.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Profit strategy –

  • Seller Legend
  • Hello Profit
  • Cashcow Pro
  • Profit Bandit

The Best FBA Refund Tool for Amazon Sellers

At times you may find that due to some error related to Inventory Stocking or Delivery, or any other problem, your money might get stuck with Amazon. But due to so many transactions happening daily, it becomes difficult to track all of these.

If you don’t claim reimbursements where they are due, it may lead to a cash loss. And since selling on Amazon is all about optimizing all elements, you may require an Amazon seller tool to make your life easier. Our favorite choice of tool for FBA Refunds is –

Refunds Manager

Refund Manager does not have any monthly or long term plans. It only charges you if it successfully helps you in getting a reimbursement. The commission is 25% per recovered refund.

By signing-up on this tool, you can track your reimbursements up till the past 18 months, and this would help in bringing down your overall expenditure for selling on Amazon.

What is the Cost?

Refund Manager does not have any monthly or long term plans, it only charges you if it successfully helps you in getting a reimbursement. The commission is 25% per recovered refund.

To learn more about this Amazon refund management software, click here – Refunds Manager.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Refund strategy –

  • FBA Auditor
  • AMZ Refunds
  • Rocket Refunds
  • Refunds Retriever

The Best Rank Tracking Amazon Seller Tool

Amazon considers a lot of different metrics to rank sellers organically. And if you rank on top of the search results page, you have a better chance of catching a customer’s eye.

By Tracking your rank and comparing it to your competitor’s, you understand the different areas you can optimize, which would help improve your overall Conversion Rate.

Here is our chosen tool for Amazon FBA Rank Tracking –

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is one of the top seller tools for tracking your rank. This tool allows you to see how you are ranking for your products and gives you insights into your competitor product’s performance by identifying tweaks that may work.

Apart from being a capable ranking software, AMZ Tracker also helps in tracking negative customer reviews and alerts when your listing is hijacked and can also be used to research keywords.

What is the Cost?

It has four monthly plans – $50 / $100 / $200 / $400. Each plan has different features, and you can select as per your business needs.

To learn more about this Amazon rank tracking software, click here – AMZ Tracker.

Other Amazon Seller Software Tools for your Ranking strategy –

  • KeyworX
  • Hello Profit
  • AMZ Shark
  • Blackbird

The Best Amazon Reinstatement Service Tool

Sometimes Amazon Sellers face the issue of a listing or their account getting suspended by the platform, due to underlying reasons.

This will impact your sales as your business from Amazon will be shut temporarily. These are the times that you may require a tool that will help you with reinstatement formality.

Here’s our Top recommended Amazon FBA Reinstatement Service –

eGrowth Partners

eGrowth Partners will help you first understand the reason for your account or listing suspension, then provides you with feedback, advises you, and appeals to Amazon on your behalf.

They do an in-depth analysis of your account and consider several key metrics, to come out with the best possible solution.

What is the Cost?

eGrowth Partners offer two different services, one each for account reinstatement – $2,500 / $5,000, and ASIN reinstatement – $1,250 / $2,500.

To learn more about this Amazon reinstatement service, click here – eGrowth Partners.

Other Amazon Reinstatement services –

  • Amazon Sellers Lawyer
  • Private Label Lawyer
  • Bindwise
  • Kronenberger Rosenfeld

Best Amazon Seller Tool for Tax Management

With all the sales tracking, inventory management, and marketing initiatives, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage your taxes. It ends up a hassle to calculate, and might lead to confusions and mistakes if not done properly.

And if you miss out on a date, you most certainly will end up paying a fine, which should ideally be avoided. Using a tool would keep your tax problems at bay.

Here’s our Top recommended Tax Management Tool for Amazon Sellers:-

Tax Jar

TaxJar collects data from your Amazon account and automates the calculation, reporting, and filing of your sales tax.

It enables you to easily file tax in each different state as per their individual tax rules.

What is the Cost?

It has two monthly plans – $19 and $99, each with a 30 Day Free Trial.

To learn more about this Amazon tax management software, click here – Tax Jar.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Tax strategy –

  • Simply Vat
  • Avalara
  • Taxo Mate
  • Hello Tax

Best Amazon Seller Tool for Listing Translation

A lot of Amazon sellers are now expanding their business globally, and the biggest hurdle they face is from the local competitors of any other country or city. The local sellers can connect better with their customers due to the personal touch in their communication.

To reach a wider audience, Amazon sellers can now use Listing Translation services that convert your language into the local language while showcasing your products to the shoppers. You just need to ensure that you are using a reliable tool that gives an accurate translation to keep yourself from losing out on a conversion.

Our pick for the Best Amazon FBA Listing Translation tool –

One Hour Translation

This is one of the best Amazon Seller tools out there in the market and supports translation in over 120 languages. They have a network of over 25,000 translators or native speakers, and they assign them your projects depending upon your requirement.

Since your listing is translated by a human rather than by a system, the results are more accurate. The tool is user-friendly too, all you need to do is copy the text into a box, and just tell their team the purpose and use of the text, and they will assign the task to an experienced professional with expertise in the same field.

What is the Cost?

You can choose two plans from – General and Expert, and the pricing is on a per word basis – $0.09 / $0.18.

To learn more about this Amazon listing translation software, click here – One Hour Translation.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Translation strategy –

  • The Phifer Group
  • YLT Translates
  • FBA Translations
  • Amazon Translate

The Top Amazon Seller Tool for Product Photography

Quality product photographs (with rights reserved) play a massive role in getting those essential conversions in and in growing your Amazon business. Poor quality product photographs may lead the customer off to a different product page or to a competitor’s page, which is not the ideal way to run a seller business.

Your product photos form your product’s visual identity, and shoppers use these images to try and understand the product and imagine it in real-life use case scenarios. Since the products on Amazon cannot be touched and felt before a shopper purchases it, your photographs is the next closest thing for that reassurance.

Our pick for the Best Amazon FBA Product Photography Seller Tool –

Clipping Path India

In this age of smartphones and smarter cameras, we all feel that we can win a scholarship with NatGeo, but this may not be the outcome unless you are a professional photographer yourself. Yes, you can take photographs of your own products, but you may not be able to add that WOW element that professional photographers can.

Clipping Path offers multiple image editing services that give your product photographs an edge. It takes less time, and the results are phenomenal.

What is the Cost?

Depending upon your requirement, they have 6 different plans to select from – $25 / $50 / $100 / $250 / $500 / $1,000

To learn more about this Amazon product photography software, click here – Clipping Path India.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Product Image strategy –

  • Asteroid Aim
  • Gen Video
  • Seller Photo
  • Pixelz

Best Customer Service Helpdesk Tool for Amazon Sellers

Your quality of Customer Service often dictates the type of reviews you get from your shoppers. If your Customer Service response time is weak, or if you do not provide the necessary service, it will most likely result in poor feedback from the client, which would pull your overall ranking down.

Your role as a Seller does not end at the sale of a product, but it continues till the stage you are sure that the customer who has purchased your product is happy with it. The quality of customer service can make or break a brand, and you need to prioritize it.

Here is Top Tool choice for Customer Helpdesk services –


e-Desk provides a multi-channel service, and puts all your customer queries at one place, with the corresponding order details and communication history. It automates your Customer Service by offering a reliable and proven service.

eDesk can auto-assign tickets, put out auto-responders for the weekend, give AI-based responses for common queries, and provide you with a comprehensive report.

What is the Cost?

eDesk has a per month plan of $79 / agent.

To learn more about this Amazon customer service software, click here – eDesk.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Customer Service strategy –

  • Zon Support
  • Seller Desk

The Best Amazon FBA Seller Tool for Task Outsourcing

With so many areas that require your attention while selling your amazon, there are specific tasks that you may want to outsource. Outsourcing Tasks is an effective way of following time schedules and ensures that you are not overburdened with responsibilities.

At times Outsourcing Tasks turn out to be even more cost-effective than having a dedicated employee.

Here is our recommendation for the Top Task Outsourcing Seller Tool –

Free Up

Free Up connects with and interviews freelancers and has a huge database of quality remote workers. You can list your requirements on Free Up, and they will match your requirement with the appropriate freelancers.

Your account on Free Up would allow you to handle all the tasks and billing using the dashboard, and their 24/7 customer helpline also assists you with any requests in the future.

What is the Cost?

The prices on Free Up start at $5 / hour and go up to $75+ / hour depending upon the work and the level of expertise required by you.

To learn more about this Amazon outsourcing software, click here – Free Up.

Other Amazon Seller Tool for your Outsourcing strategy –

  • Zon Support
  • Eli Ecommerce
  • Rising Sun Ecommerce (for the Japanese market)
  • The Great Wall Sarl

Best Amazon FBA Tool for Multi-Channel Selling

Any Seller business on Amazon, if done correctly, does yield results. But why restrict yourself to just one platform? By having a presence on multiple marketplaces, you can also close more sales, and you can also grow your brand name in the process.

Selling on multiple channels gives you an overall insight into the market, and you can easily track trends by observing your results from these various channels. And if you have the right tool that can manage multiple seller accounts for you, you can utilize your time better.

Our favorite seller tool for multi-channel selling –


Seller Active is best at their game. They provide services for Multi-channel listings, product creation, data mapping, order management, and FBA integration. Apart from this, Seller Active also offers a Repricing Tool that helps you win the Buy Box on Amazon.

By using their dashboard, you can track your listings across multiple marketplaces, and optimize their performance with data analysis. It is a handy tool to manage your listings with ease and accuracy.

What is the Cost?

They have Basic Plans and Pro Plans, the per month cost for Basic Plans – $79 / $179 / $299, and Pro Plans – $499 / $699 / $899.

To learn more about this multi-channel selling software, click here – SellerActive.

Other Tools for your Multi-Channel Selling strategy –

  • Joe Lister
  • Bright Pearl
  • Sell Brite
  • Stitch Labs

The Best Amazon Tool for Finance & Business Loans

Sometimes small and medium-sized businesses struggle to manage their working capital. You may need funds to buy additional inventory, which is when you require a reliable finance support company to ease your financial stress.

With a growing business and multiple pending payments, it is good to take the benefit of a Loan disbursal service to keep your business going without any break.

Here is the Top tool for Financing –


The Kabbage loan disbursal service is so quick that you can get approvals on the same day without wasting much time. They do a quick analysis of your account and ascertain your business’s health before offering financial options to you.

This tool also gives you an insight into your accounts’ health across multiple seller platforms that you use.

What is the Cost?

To know the interest rates, you can connect with the Kabbage Team, and they will assist you with the same.

To learn more about this Amazon Financing software, click here – Kabbage.

Other Amazon Seller Tools for your Financing strategy –

  • Store Fund
  • Blue Vine
  • Payability
  • Sellers Funding

The Best FBA Seller Tool to Monitor Hijacked Listings

Even though Hijacking listings is not encouraged, there are still a few players out there who practice this. A listing hijack is when someone starts selling a similar product that is under your brand, or when a person sells counterfeit products.

Whatever the case, it is essential that you are alerted whenever your listing is hijacked so that you don’t have to bear avoidable losses.

The Best tool for monitoring Hijacked Listings –

Listing Eagle

Listing Eagle immediately sends you a notification in real-time whenever your listing has been hijacked, and also supports you with instructions to un-suppress your listings.

It also helps you with customizable notes/letters that you can send to your hijacker to get them to remove their listing. You can upload your ASINs in bulk, and then you can get notified whenever any of your listings have been hijacked.

What is the Cost?

There are three plans that charge you on a per month basis. You can select either one based on the number of ASINs you want to list – $9.97 / $19.97 / $49.97.

To learn more about this Amazon hijacked listing monitoring software, click here – Listing Eagle.

Other FBA Sellers Tool for your Hijacked Listing strategy –

  • AMZ Alert

The Best Educational Tool for Amazon FBA Sellers

To set up a great profile and run a successful business, every Seller needs as much knowledge as possible. If you know what is happening with your account, then you can manage it well.

Knowledge can never be enough, and if you have insights from other entrepreneurs running successful businesses, you can also try and put a direction yours.

Here is the tool we feel is best for educating Amazon sellers –

Start Up Bros

Their website gives you access to hundreds of articles that you can sift through to understand a business’s workings, both small as well as large. And it also offers you specialized courses to enhance your knowledge and skills.

This knowledge becomes your asset and when you start implementing the learning into your business, you have definitely moved a step ahead.

What is the Cost?

The articles and guides are free to use and consult. Start Up Bros also offers programs and courses, but they are quite expensive. Check out their website for more details.

To learn more about this educational software, click here – Start Up Bros.

Other FBA Seller Tools for your Knowledge Building strategy –

  • FBA Stars
  • Amazon Seller Pro
  • Amazon Work System

Tool-Up and Win!

So these are the Top Tools that can help Sellers in Winning on Amazon. With so many categories worth looking into, these tools are your answer to optimizing your account to yield the best result. You can choose these tools individually, or you can bundle multiple features into one tool and buy its subscription with your Debit or Credit Card.

Amazon Seller Tools automate your tasks, provide useful insights based on data analysis, and offer solutions based on the best use case scenario. The tools, if utilized correctly, are the perfect weapons to dominate with your listing on Amazon.

Do write in and let us know if there are any other tools worth mentioning in this article.